30 years in 30 photos of Ija Gonzalez: Mexican actress who makes her career in Hollywood

30 years in 30 photos of Ija Gonzalez: Mexican actress who makes her career in Hollywood

It doesn’t bother me what they say about me, but I think there are more things to do than wearing my clothes. I have been in it since the age of 14, if I focus on what people think I would never have found anywhere, ”said Ija Gonzalez in November 2019, saying she has received few comments in her career.

The Mexican actress today turns 30 in the middle of her life in the United States, where she rarely made her career in Hollywood.

Mexican model daughter Glenda Reyna, Ija Gonzalez was born on 30 January 1990 in Mexico City.

At the age of 12 he faced a tragedy that marked him: the death of his father Carlos Gonzalez in a car accident.

On several occasions Ijah has remembered his father through his post on Instagram. In fact, her first post on the social network on June 16, 2013, was dedicated to him.

She has also been seen in her social networks, Glenda Reyna and in some stages of childhood.

“It is a worthy example of female power and work. Who knows that my mother knows that this is the living image of a warrior, the most relaxed with whom I talk about everything. My best friend, who supports me and believes in me more than myself. With a huge heart. A woman who has brought up two children in complex situations. This graduate and teacher of UNAM of Dentistry, model and manager is a damn. For me he is a Phoenix, it always makes a stronger resurgence than ever. I love you mommy !!!!!! I am so lucky to have a mother like you, ”she wrote along with some images after having a child.

Since she was a child, Eza expressed her love for the acting world. When he was 13, he entered M&M Studios and at the age of 14 he entered acting school Televisa.

This was when Eza was part of Televisa’s Center for Artistic Education (CEA), when it was discovered by producer Pedro Damian.

Pedro Damian selected Ija to star in the television version of Argentina’s soap opera Floriente And that’s how the actress came out Lola, once upon a time

The production of Yuva Adalat meant Eza’s first major television project and shared credits for the work Aaron Diaz

Soon Eza became one of the most famous young faces on TV. Lola, once aired in Mexico between 2007 and 2008.

Thanks to soap operas, Ijah also began his musical career as he participated in the production’s soundtrack, which led him to go on a national tour to interpret the lyrics.

Once the soap opera was over, Iza continued her preparations as an actress and Moved to new york Lee accompanied his mother to study a course at the Strasbourg Theater and Film Institute.

The following year she was selected to participate in the Televisa adaptation Killer woman And also released her first solo album crosscurrent, Which included a single My destiny is me.

In Mexico, his acting career continued in 2010, as he was chosen as the protagonist of the television series Seuna Conmigo, where he played a double role

Gonzalez did not leave his music career and in June 2011 began recording his second album, you will miss me In which he also participated as a musician.

With pop sounds, production began on June 12, 2012, although it had released the single a few months earlier. you will miss me It was written by him.

When she was with the release of her second album, Eiza was confirmed as the lead character of the soap opera. True loveOf, televisa version Love in custody.

At the soap opera, Ija played and matched “Nikki” Sebastian Rouley By the way, just at the end of 2019 Ruli and Eaja reunited and the Argentine actor shared a picture with him.

The following year Eiza thanked for her debut in the world of cinema movie about 30.

And at that time he decided to leave Mexico to pursue a career in Hollywood. His first job in that country was in the series From dusk to bottom, Where she made Salma Hayek famous in the 90s, dancing in a bikini with Boa in her arms.

In that series he was under the command of Robert Rodrigues and in 2015 came the first opportunity for the film in cinema Gem and Hologram.

Although Eza has faced conservative problems in Hollywood, she has not stopped working in the film industry. “In America. There are other limitations such as: ‘She is Latin, but she speaks good English’ or ‘She is white, but also brown. ‘ I don’t think that because she is Mexican, she can only do Mexican paper. If I am Latina, I want to prove that we are a blank canvas. “

Gonzalez participated in 2017 Baby driver With jamie foxx and John hmm (Star of crazy man). Thanks to that production, Iza got a chance to go to the Oscars.

The Mexican actress drew attention to her attire via the red carpet, which led to her wearing a yellow dress.

The searchlights came back to rest on Eza when she was invited to the Met Gala, a privilege that few Mexicans had.

Eiza is active for productions such as Hollywood Godzilla vs Kong, Alita: Battle Angel orFast and Furious Present: Hobbs and Shaw, where he collaborated with Dwayne Johnson on “The Rock.”

His work in the United States allowed him to work with celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, as he appeared in a music video for the singer.

But even though at the very least it has made a place in Hollywood, Izza has no film offers in Mexico. The actress did not rule out returning to the country for a project. “I want to create Mexican stories that challenge me as an actress, because I think interesting things are done.”

For Eza, the issue of social networks has become complex, particularly because of the criticism she has received through that medium. “A good comment for 100 haters always makes you feel good.” This is a work in which you expose yourself emotionally a lot. When people send me negative things, it’s hard. “ Commented to Screenrush.

He said that he has also thought about leaving them. “I’ve thought about leaving social networks, But because I get too distracted and I like to focus. I detox often and I do not use social networks. I try to use them for positive things. “

His relationship with the press has not been easy either. In November last year, he was treated the way he was aware of her and a kiss that would have given him a friend as usual, “regretted his latest quarter. I’m not the one, I kiss with a woman I’m not, he’s my friend and we’re playing posing for a picture at a party. Stop inventing things about me”, He wrote on his Twitter account.

But beyond the problems with the media or racism in Hollywood, Ija Gonzalez comes to the door at the age of 30 with many projects and an up-and-coming career in the film industry.

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