4 young hackers hacked accounts of 130 celebrities including Obama, Bezos, acquired from online platforms

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  • US Newspaper Claims Four Young Hackers Jointly Execute Hacking, Twitter’s Internal Tools Acquired From Online Platforms

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On 16 July, hackers hacked Twitter accounts of celebrities and made such messages. Along with Twitter, the US intelligence agency FBI is also investigating this hacking.

  • All the hackers were found on the online community platform buying and selling online handles.
  • Hackers hacked Twitter accounts of 130 celebrities and asked people to send cryptocurrencies through these accounts

Recently, the account of 130 prominent personalities who hacked the Twitter account has been revealed. According to the New York Times – No big cyber criminal was involved in hacking. It was carried out by four young hackers. All of these were found on, an online community buying and selling online handles. It is from here that he got a very important tool of Twitter. Hacking was carried out with the help of this tool. The FBI and Twitter have not yet provided formal information about this.

The hackers hacked Twitter accounts of many celebrities and companies, including Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and former US President Barack Obama. It was executed for cryptocurrency fraud.

Online names of three hawkers revealed

According to the report, online hackers (fake names kept online) of three hackers have also been detected. These are ‘LOL’, ‘Ever so Anxus’ and ‘Kirk’. Of these, Kirk had a highly sensitive Twitter tool. With the help of this tool, any Twitter account could be controlled. He shared this tool with two people. After this, these people along with another partner hacked the Twitter accounts of celebrities.

Hackers also talked to media

Hackers talked with Times Magazine about hacking. Also showed many screenshots and logs before and after hacking. It turned out that these were not from Russia, China or North Korea. One of them said that he lives with the mother. Reporters also verified the social media and cryptocurrency accounts of these four hackers. Their accounts are pointing to their involvement with the hacking on Wednesday.

How much harm did people have?

Hackers messaged with the hack account that we want to help you. We will refund you double value of the dollar value of bitcoins in our account. Within 30 minutes, if you send bitcoins worth $ 1000, then we will return $ 2000. According to, a site that monitors cryptocurrency transactions – before fraud was detected, people had sent bitcoins worth $ 1.16 lakh to a fake account whose link was shared through hacked accounts.

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