5 Best Application to add watermark on photos

5 Best Application to add watermark on photos
5 Best Application to add watermark on photos

The way to protect a photo, design, or video is to add a watermark. Without preserving the watermark, there is a possibility that our work will be stolen, recognized, or claimed by other parties. Giving a watermark is the easiest way to protect the copyright of a work that we have created with difficulty.

No need to open a computer or laptop, you can add a watermark with an application on a smartphone. Don’t worry, some of these applications are free.

1. Watermark by AppX Studio

The first application you can download is Watermark from AppX Studio. You can add logos, numbers, text to sign pictures. Watermark offers over 250 fonts and over 1,000 stickers to choose from.

You can adjust the intensity of the opacity, whether it is clarified or made somewhat transparent. Try to keep your watermark in. PNG format as it is not compressed and pixelated like a .JPG or .JPEG file. Thus, the output produced is of high quality and does not break.

2. Add Watermark on Photos

Add a simple entertaining app to photos Protect your content with watermarks. You can paste a watermark that is created on the photo. Apart from this, you can also create your own watermark through this application.

You can edit the text, color, font, size, rotation, and background of your creation watermark. So you don’t get tired of pasting one watermark, you can paste it into hundreds of files at once. For maximum security, collect the watermark with a cross pattern as in Depositphotos or 123rf.

3. Add Watermark Free

In a way, Add Watermark Free Application is “Senior”. Because the application made by AndroidVilla was last released on 20 March 2011. You can enter a watermark in text or image form, adjust the size, transparency, rotation, then save and share.

So not to get tired of adding one by a watermark, you can use batch mode. The Watermark Free application provides around 72 default fonts with 20 special fonts and stickers that can be created as you wish. After a watermark is given, you can save it in the format. JPG or PNG.

4. Add Your Own Logo, Watermark, and Text to Photos

Add watermarks to your photos with an application by The Laughing Dutchmen! This application guarantees that there are no annoying advertisements and the resulting images are of high resolution so that you do not lose quality photos. The application supports various file formats ranging from .PNG, .GIF and .JPG.

However, after being used 5 times, this application requires purchase at a price of $ 1.50. Don’t worry, after that, you are free to use it without any feature limits. Do you want to try!

5. Watermark by Salt Group Apps

More or less, watermark applications of salt group apps have features that are almost identical to others. Such as adding a logo or watermark.

You can use this application for free for 3 days with a maximum limit of 20 photos in the trial version. However, after this, you need to shop. Otherwise, edited photos cannot be saved.

Well, this is 5 applications for photo editing and adding watermarks. Do not hesitate, download it & try!