5 Google Meet Features That makes it better than zoom

5 Google Meet Features That makes it better than zoom
5 Google Meet Features That makes it better than zoom

  • When compare to feature google meet is more advance when compared with zoom.

Currently the video conference platform is rapidly gaining popularity as many companies, campuses, and schools are required to work and study at home while adhering to social distinction rules during the epidemic. And if we talk about the most popular video conference platform among people today, everything will definitely be focused on Zoom.

It is undisputed that Zoom is a video conferencing platform with the most users of its kind. But this does not mean that other platforms are losing quality, they may be less popular than Zoom. In fact, the video conference platform created by the giant technology Google, Meet, has a variety of features not owned by Zoom.

1. Make text caption via voice

5 Google Meet Features That makes it better than zoom

The Google Meat interface has a text caption button that upon clicking the user can record a voice and every word spoken will be written there. This is certainly natural for Google as they have enhanced the voice transcription feature in services such as Google Voice and Google Assistant. Users can also create captions in Zoom, but they have to write the text manually.

2. Low-light mode

Google applies the low-light mode technology to the completion which works very well by default. This facility is good for video meetings in the late night or in poorly lit rooms. Zoom actually offers something similar as well, but it seems that the user must first adjust the settings to the host settings so that this feature can work continuously.

3. Want to make a new meeting? Just type “” in the browser

Users can also start a new meeting by typing “” in the browser tab. If you open the browser, you want to start the Google Meet service then this is the fastest shortcut. This feature can also work on other Google-owned applications, such as: “”, “” to create a new Google Doc, “Sheets to create new Google Sheets” to create a new Google Doc .New “, and” new “slide to create a new Google Slide.

4. Support browser extension

5 Google Meet Features That makes it better than zoom
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If you use Google Meet through a browser, you can take advantage of more features by supporting third-party extensions. For example, there’s an extension called Meat Enhancement Suite that can transfer some of the best zoom features to Google Meat, then Tactic to compile text and create meeting transcripts, a node to add emojis to calls, or Google Meat The caller can call to add a timer to call. All the features of these third parties can be used to increase user flexibility.

5. Direct access via Gmail

If the user is using Gmail, Google has also provided a special Meet tab. So users can directly join a video meeting via Gmail without the need to open any other application on their smartphone. Google will also release a special Meet tab in the Gmail application for iOS and Android.

So, now you know that Google Meat has features that are not inferior to zoom? With a broader technology ecosystem, it would be natural if these features could be embedded by Google.