5 health and diet benefits of turmeric

    published on: 25/09/2020 5:09 PM

    In addition to being a good source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances, the spice offers many more benefits to your body.

    This root (also known as turmeric) has anti-inflammatory properties. The main responsible for this action is curcumin, the pigment that gives turmeric its yellow-gold color. It also decreases blood flow to adipose tissue, weakening the fat reserve. Bonus: it is good for the skin, in addition to reducing the growth of bacteria and fungi, which cause disease. Still not convinced?

    Know More Benefits of of turmeric…

    1.Reduces inflammation in the body

    Used in Indian cuisine, turmeric (or turmeric) extract is a spice with anti-inflammatory properties. Studies show that this substance increases the resistance of cells to oxidative damage, in addition to reducing inflammatory processes in the body. The consumption of this extract still inhibits the growth of bacteria, parasites, and fungi, which cause diseases.

    2.Protects the heart

    Turmeric prevents the accumulation of “bad” cholesterol, which protects your heart and prevents you from having a heart attack or stroke. In addition, science has found that curcumin reduces the risk of heart failure.

    3.Decreases the risk of cancer

    Although research is in its early stages, the ability of turmeric to prevent or treat cancer is relevant. A study, carried out with volunteers predisposed to the disease, revealed that curcumin can, in fact, prevent the disease from developing.

    4.Prevents premature aging and various mental illnesses

    Many studies indicate that these properties found in saffron are mainly attributed to carotenoids – crocin and safranal -, with antioxidant properties and selective collectors of free radicals.

    “Saffron has been showing positive effects in even more comprehensive applications, including antidepressants and anticonvulsants, pain relievers, anticancer and other therapeutic effects on different parts of the body, such as cardiovascular, immune, visual, respiratory, genitourinary, central nervous system and for digestive disorders”, explains doctor Elisa Urban.

    5.Avoid diabetes

    Yes, the powerful substance can also prevent diabetes from developing. One study, done with pre-diabetics, included curcumin extract in the diet for nine months. One group actually consumed saffron and the other did not. At the end of the research, none of the individuals who received doses of curcumin developed type 2 diabetes.

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