5 must-see movies you didn’t know are on Netflix

    published on: 29/11/2020 5:30 PM

    You may never have seen several of the movies that Netflix offers within its catalog. That’s why we bring you a selection of the favorites

    Although Netflix has a large number of high-quality productions, many of its contents may have been overshadowed by the most popular pieces. Thus, we bring to mention a series of films that may go unnoticed but are worth the time invested.

    1. Nobody knows I’m here, by Gaspar Antillo

    5 must-see movies you didn't know are on Netflix

    It is the first Netflix original feature film of Chilean origin, and its protagonist is Jorge García (who you must remember for Lost ), who is shown as a singer who loses his voice after having lived a traumatic experience. The combination of drama, humor and suspense make it a must see.

    2. Circus of Books, by Rachel Mason

    5 must-see movies you didn't know are on Netflix

    A moving, endearing and highly extravagant documentary about the sex life of the 70s and 80s in the US, it also reveals the great unpredictable projects that end up showing that the world is stranger than it seems.

    3. The Half of It, by Alice Wu

    5 must-see movies you didn't know are on Netflix

    It addresses the first love, the discovery of sexuality and even the perception we have of ourselves when we are adolescents.

    It shows a high school student who gets caught up in an unexpected love triangle with a soccer player and a popular girl. As well as being a teen comedy, it has a tinge on the pains of exclusion and youthful loneliness.

    4. Seriously Single, by Katleho and Rethabile Ramaphakela

    5 must-see movies you didn't know are on Netflix

    It is a romantic comedy that seeks to laugh at all the clichés of the films of the genre. Reflecting on monogamy, love, the need for comfort, sexual desire, and fear of loneliness that worry adults. Simple but effective, it is for anyone who loves romantic comedies.

    5. His House, by Remi Weekes

    5 must-see movies you didn't know are on Netflix

    The film has an elaborate and slow pace, and it also shows the pain of guilt that surrounds the characters. And without a doubt, it has one of the most beautiful and harsh ending scenes of any film in the genre in recent years.

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