5 of the Best PlayStation Emulators for Android Phones

    published on: 21/06/2020 7:23 PM

    Who miss the old school PSX graphics, let’s move closer!

    No doubt, PlayStation (PS) is one of the most popular console-based gaming industries in the world. Since demolishing Nintendo ‘s dominance in 1994 with PSX, PS has been on the rise by releasing PS2 in 2000 and competing in the realm of handhelds with PSP in 2005.

    Had discussed earlier, the Guinness World Record noted the PS2 console as the best-selling console of all time by selling 155 million units. PS also continues to innovate by releasing PS3, PSVita, PS4, and finally, the upcoming PS5.

    PS accompanied our childhood. With exciting games like Final FantasyMetal Gear SolidTekken,  Winning Eleven to Pepsi-Man, it is natural that at any time, we miss the old graphics from the consoles.

    Sadly, if you miss PSX games, now it’s a little challenging to find matches and console machines. However, thanks to the development of the internet that is increasingly sophisticated, you can use your smartphone ( smartphone ) as a “PSX” mini, namely by downloading the emulator.

    Come on, nostalgia with old school graphics and PSX games with seven PS emulators ready to be downloaded on Android-based smartphones.

    So, Here is the list of 7 play station emulators for android / ps4 emulators

    1. ePSXe

    5 of the Best PlayStation Emulators for Android Phones
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    Ranked first, we recommend the ePSXe emulator to play PSX games on your Android smartphone. Not only is it stable and easy to use (with up to 99 percent compatibility!), This emulator made by epsxe SL software has more features than others such as:

    • Split-screen mode so you can play with your friends,
    • Savestate,
    • A virtual control panel that you can set at will,
    • supports external controllers (WiiMote, Sixaxis, up to XBOX 360), and
    • Improved game graphics up to HD by 2x / 4x  rendered and two OpenGL renderers (by downloading the OpenGL plugin ).

    The disadvantage of ePSXe is the price. Yes, to play this one application, it’s not free. You have to pay Rp.50 thousand, and there is no trial mode. However, with a 4.7 / 5 rating from the Play Store, you are guaranteed not to be disappointed!

    Download ePSXe here

    2. FPse

    5 of the Best PlayStation Emulators for Android Phones
    mage source:

    Attached to the ePSXe position, FPse became the second-best PS emulator for Android smartphones. This application made by Schtruck & LDchen boasts of high compatibility. Similar to ePSXe, FPse has basic emulator features such as:

    • Savestate,
    • Ten controls that can be modified,
    • Supports VR glasses, and
    • Supports external controllers,

    FPse also has a variety of advanced options, plugins, and extra features that make the gaming experience slicker. Just like ePSXe, FPse can improve game graphics with OpenGL 2.0 and load games to full screen.

    Unfortunately, just like ePSXe, FPse is not free and is priced at Rp. 46 thousand, and does not have a trial mode. Apart from that, you might need a little time getting used to FPse control. However, if used to it, the application with a  rating of  4.6 / 5 on PlayStor will make you forget the time!

    Download FPse here

    3. PPSSPP

    5 of the Best PlayStation Emulators for Android Phones
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    When Sony released the PlayStation Portable (PSP) in 2004, the Japanese entertainment company hoped that the PSP would compete with Nintendo in the case of handheld consoles. Sweet start, PSP action ended in 2014 after looking “tired” to compete with increasingly modern consoles.

    PSP still attracts some fans with its games. To cheer up the hearts of PSP fans, you can try reminiscing with PSP games on your Android smartphone by downloading PPSSPP,  a PSP-specific emulator!

    Although PPSSPP is not the only PSP emulator for Android, we can guarantee that PPSSPP is the best. In addition to compatibility, this emulator made by Henrik Rydgård is very easy to use, just like an ordinary PSP, and its performance deserves thumbs up! Regular updates support PPSSPP’s strong performance.

    Unfortunately, some people are annoyed with ads that sometimes like to appear (not when playing games ). PPSSPP offers a version without advertising ( Gold ) for only Rs. 19 thousand only!

    Download PPSSPP here

    4. RetroArch

    5 of the Best PlayStation Emulators for Android Phones
    image source:

    In 4th place, RetroArch is one of the most downloaded PS emulators. Supports consoles multi-platform, this application made by Libretro supports almost all gaming consoles.

    In addition to its user-friendly appearance, RetroArch also regularly receives updates, so its performance is always satisfying. RetroArch features include:

    • OpenGL,
    • Supports camera view from  platform another console,
    • Location Support,
    • Modifiable controls,
    • Multilingual, and
    • Can capture screens ( screenshots ),

    You have to download each system individually in the form of ” Cores ” to play games on other console platforms, so it’s a bit complicated compared to the emulators on this list. Don’t worry, the cores for PS are stable and stable to play.

    If you are familiar with RetroArch, you don’t need to look for another emulator. Moreover, applications with a  rating of  3.8 / 5 on the Play Store are also free! If it feels too slow, you can download the 64bit version of RetroArch, which is also free (with a 4.3 / 5 rating).

    Download RetroArch here

    5. Classic Boy

    5 of the Best PlayStation Emulators for Android Phones
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    If you have an Android smartphone with an older OS version, you can consider ClassicBoyBoasting itself as an all-in-one emulator, ClassicBoy can’t only load PS games.

    As the name implies, this application made by PortableAndroid supports various classic consoles, such as PSX, three Game Boy variants ( Color [GBC]Classic [GB], and Advance [GBA] ), Nintendo 64 (N64), Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), SEGA Genesis, and SNK NeoGeo! Not just Tekken, you can also play Pokemon, you know.

    There are also various features, such as:

    • Supports hardware controllers from MOGA controllers to PS3,
    • touch screen controls that can be modified,
    • Audio settings, and
    • Savestate.

    The only problem with Classic Boy is his age. Released in 2013, Portable Android last updated the app with  3.7 / 5 rating in 2014. Therefore, we only recommend this for Android devices with older OS versions.

    Download Classic boy here

    Conclusion: Hope the information provided through this article will help you to find your best play station emulators for android

    Those are the seven PS emulators for Android smartphones that you can download and play in your free time. Each emulator has its weaknesses and strengths.

    From the easiest to play to the most challenging, which one do you want to download? Happy Gaming!

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