5 Types of Hackers in the World

    published on: 23/07/2020 3:45 PM

    5 Types of Hackers in the World
    types of hackers

    When technology is talked about, it cannot, of course, be distinguished from the term hacker who is part of it. A hacker is a call to someone, who is able to control a system remotely on a site or website.

    Although it sounds sophisticated, a hacker does not always have a good role. Reported by Funnel Tech and GURU99, if you’re curious about the types of hackers in the world, there are five of them.

    1Black hat

    5 Types of Hackers in the World

    Black hat hacker

    It is a term for a hacker, often known by people, namely hackers who have bad intentions. Taking advantage not only to enrich itself, this anti-hacker is able to easily handle a system and also retrieve other important data. This is what makes Black Hat hackers very dangerous.

    2White hat

    5 Types of Hackers in the World

    white hat hacker

    Where there is an opposing character, there must be a character character. In the world of hackers, the white hat is a good type of hacker who does positive things.

    Someone who is in it will usually try to find the weak points of a system and provide solutions so that the system does not enter easily.

    3Grey hat

    5 Types of Hackers in the World

    grey hat hacker

    Hackers cannot predict their movements on this. This is because someone behind it can act as an adversary or hero hacker, depending on the situation and situations.

    No wonder if hackers really like this, it cannot be trusted completely.


    5 Types of Hackers in the World


    Have you ever seen many sites that were hijacked with protests. Actually the people behind it can be called hactivists.

    Someone with this role usually has a high concern and expressed their aspirations through large sites.

    5Kiddie script

    5 Types of Hackers in the World


    For this, it is not yet included in the category of dangerous hackers as it is still a start. Such hackers usually try to hack scripts that were previously available.

    The goal is usually only to learn programming techniques at the professional level.

    Okay, some type of hacker above expectations can help you get to know the people behind current technology. Refined, isn’t it?

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