5 WhatsApp’s Latest Features Available in 2020. you don’t know about it?

WhatsApp officially announced a number of new features on Wednesday (1/7/2020). The most popular messaging application in the world has indeed provided a number of leaks related to functions in 2020 since some time ago.

Launching the official site, you can enjoy these features in the next few weeks. Right away, this is WhatsApp’s newest feature in 2020!

1. Animated stickers

You might be one of the loyal users of stickers when sending messages via Whatsapp. This feature is a fun way to communicate and show expression.

Now, sending stickers through WhatsApp will be even more exciting with the new feature, which is animated stickers. WhatsApp itself claims to be launching a collection of the latest animated stickers that are more exciting and expressive.

Download: Whatsapp Sticker app for android

2. Exchange numbers via QR code

Feeling inconvenient when you have to save someone’s number to start texting? Now, adding new contacts on WhatsApp will be easier. Through this new feature, you can simply scan your friend’s QR code to add their contacts to your cellphone. You don’t need to type long phone numbers anymore!

3. Group video calls for up to 8 people

The COVID-19 pandemic requires us to be more careful in implementing physical distancing and limiting travel. Therefore, the video call feature is also a mainstay for communicating with people.

Now, with WhatsApp, you can now do group video calls with up to 8 people. Chatting with friends becomes more exciting, right? Moreover, you can also highlight one of the video call participants to appear in full screen.

4. Dark mode for WhatsApp Web and desktop

Good news for you who used to use WhatsApp through a browser or desktop The long awaited dark mode feature on WhatsApp Web finally arrived.

For those of you who are accustomed to using dark mode, this is certainly a pleasant news, because now opening WhatsApp on a laptop is more comfortable for the eyes.

 5. Can make a Story on KaiOS

Now WhatsApp has added the Story feature for mobile users. So, those who use KaiOS phones can now automatically delete those short videos to people in their contacts.

That’s series of the latest WhatsApp features that were announced recently. Which feature do you find most useful? Comment below and share this article.