8 Behaviors That Are Most Attracting To Men

8 Behaviors That Are Most Attracting To Men

All boys have different types of physiques and preferences. But outside of appearances, there are certain behaviors that drive men crazy and make them pay their full attention. Here are the most fascinating subliminal things that will make him think that you are the most beautiful woman in the world.

1. Be spontaneous

8 Behaviors That Are Most Attracting To Men

Some of us like to plan things all the time, but if you can enjoy what’s happening as it happens and go with the flow, a man will appreciate it. Men express themselves through activity more often than talking, and generally prefer an experience to a full therapy session or to expose all vulnerabilities. Appreciate the present and don’t try to force anything.

2. Be nice

The coldness will get you nowhere. But kindness is a trait that is universally desired in all countries. We all look for someone with a good heart, and apparently, men look for the same thing. This is important when considering someone for a long-term relationship, as well as the concepts of understanding empathy and creating strong social bonds.

3. Be independent

8 Behaviors That Are Most Attracting To Men

Guys love it when you have your own business running. It means that you are a strong, self-reliant woman who is not going to be clingy or codependent. Also, if you are busy but take time to be with him, this is quite attractive and gives him the ego boost that men crave. Men always love “the chase” and a woman with her own life is a healthy way to fuel that dynamic.

4. Be optimistic

Having a positive personality and seeing things with a glass-half-full mentality can help alter a guy’s perception of physical beauty. If you’re always in a bad mood to do something, or say something negative instead of looking on the bright side, it can make even a supermodel look like the Grinch.

5. Wear your hair down

8 Behaviors That Are Most Attracting To Men

No matter what you look like, men love it when a woman has medium to long hair, and they love it when she wears her hair down. Apparently, the length of the hair and wearing your hair down can increase the perception of attractiveness to men. It seems that the lack of quarantined haircuts was actually a good thing.

6. Laugh at his jokes

8 Behaviors That Are Most Attracting To Men

Interestingly, men care more than women laugh at their jokes than we think they are funny. While men appreciate women with a good sense of humor, they also like it when women laugh at embarrassing jokes without any humor. Apparently, an appreciation of humor is necessary, but producing humor is less important.

7. Be honest.

This is difficult for many. We all have different very hidden secrets, but being honest shows that you put it all on the table and don’t have a manipulative personality. This will make a man trust you more and don’t think that one day you will cheat on him or hide a bigger lie. Don’t lie about having children, or pretend that you have hobbies other than the real ones.

8. Make the first move

8 Behaviors That Are Most Attracting To Men

This may seem intimidating to some women, but once you do it, it will unlock a new level of self-confidence and empowerment, and men can feel it. Take control of the situation by smiling, leaning in, and giving her that first kiss.

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