Adam completed the marathon wearing an exo-Skeleton suit, setting a world record

  • Adam Gorlitzky completes Charleston Marathon in 33 hours 50.23 minutes
  • Britain’s Simon Kindlesides broke 36 hours 46 minutes record

America’s paralyzed runner Adam Gorlitzky completed the Charleston Marathon in 33 hours 50 minutes 23 seconds. Adam completed a marathon 26.2 miles (about 42.1 km) wearing an exo-Skeleton suit. He set the world record for completing the marathon in the shortest time by wearing this suit. Adam broke the record set by Simon Kindlesides of Britain in 2018. Then, Simon, wearing an exo-Skeleton suit, completed the London Marathon in 36 hours 46 minutes. In 2005, Adam suffered a spinal cord injury in a car accident. After this, the lower part of his waist was paralyzed. The doctors said that they would never be able to walk. Adam started the race on Thursday night and finished on Saturday morning. He did not take a break-even to sleep.


Adam competed in a marathon for the second time.

Adam competed in a marathon for the second time. Prior to this, he participated in the Los Angeles Marathon last year. Then he ran 17.2 miles. After finishing the race, he said, ‘Being in the hometown, many groups supported me. Many people stayed with me throughout the race. It was because of him that I got the strength to complete this marathon. ‘

The ‘Exo-Skeleton’ helps the machine to run.

The Exo-Skeleton is a wearable machine powered by a combination of electric motors, pneumatics, levers, hydraulics. It helps paralyzed people to walk. It consists of sensors, which understand the movement and signals and send signals to the machine. This machine supports their shoulders, waist, thigh, back.

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