After controversy: Mia Khalifa joined Onlyfans

After controversy: Mia Khalifa joined Onlyfans

The film actress is determined to do what she loves and spend time on the social platforms of her choice.

Mia Khalifa surprised her followers by opening an account on OnlyFans, which normally sells adult content. Although at first it was said that the film actress would share racy photos and videos on her new page, it is not so true. She will not post nudity on the paid platform. You will only limit yourself to offering your subscribers “regular” content.

After becoming number one on the Pornhub site, she took an incredible leap in her career and went on to do sports commentary. However, she did not want to spend all her time talking about sports. She preferred to focus her life on making content for her digital platforms. However, his focus is not only on OnlyFans, there is also his Instagram account with 21.7 million followers.

She shared on the social network an image of herself eating sushi and avoiding the gaze of her computer screen where her open OnlyFans page was appreciated. Mia Khalifa wrote: “I have a full-time job… as an accountant.” The text accompanied it with a smiling emoji. The photo added more than 1 million “Likes” and any number of comments.

Beyond any earnings she may make on Instagram, she will charge her OnlyFans subscribers $ 11.99 a month to view original content. When she joined the adult platform, she thanked her fans for their support. “Although I will not create naked content, I will treat this page as my Instagram without terms of service hahaha,” he stressed. She also noted at the time: “I want to regain my power and only publish what I want and what makes me feel good.”

Shortly after, he dedicated a few words to people who share adult content on the paid platform. “Fellow accountants … thank you for being amazing and confident in your bodies and the decisions you make with them,” he emphasized. “You all inspire me to regain my power.” Khalifa has recognized on several occasions that porn was one of the worst stages in his life.

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