Amazon’s Alexa can now provide basic COVID-19 diagnostics for users in the US

Amazon Alexa users in the US can now receive the original COVID-19 diagnosis from Amazon Virtual Assistant, the company announced in a blog post. Users in the country can now engage Alexa to ask about their symptoms, travel history, and possible risk of the virus. “Alexa, what do I think if I think I have coronavirus?” Or “Alexa, what do I think if I think I have COVID-19?” Will prompt the voice assistant to ask the above questions. It will give basic advice on CDC guidelines.

This update comes weeks after it was delivered to Amazon Alexa working capacity To list simple facts about coronavirus or COVID-19 blog post), Amazon has also listed all its efforts to help users amid coronovirus outbreaks.

In Japan, people can use Alexa to check their risk level at home. Based on the responses, Alexa will provide guidance matching your risk level and symptoms based on guidelines set by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

The blog post stated that Amazon Alexa users in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, India, UK and the US can also ask Alexa to sing a song for 20 seconds. However, this feature is more likely to motivate children to wash their hands well.

The Amazon announcement comes after similar moves by other tech giants. According to The Verge, Apple’s Siri was also a voice assistant recentlly Updated to provide diagnostic advice. Also, CNET Reported To that Google has also added a scrub timer similar to the Amazon Alexa feature that plays music for 20-seconds.


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