America can join hands with many allied countries including India against China’s threat

    published on: 01/06/2020 1:17 PM

    The progress made by China Army is true. China is increasing its military capabilities. Our Defense Department is doing everything possible to understand this danger.

    US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said on Sunday that the United States could join hands with many countries around the world, including India, given the threat of Chinese military capabilities. He said- ‘The progress made by China Army is true. Secretary-General Xi is increasing his military capabilities. Our Defense Department is doing everything possible to understand this danger. And I believe that under the leadership of President Trump, our Department of Defense, our Army, our National Security Institute are so capable that we can protect the American people. In fact, we can have a good partnership with our partner countries around the world, India, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Europe. We can be good partners and by this we will also ensure that the American model of independence in Western countries should also be in these countries.

    China is posing a threat to India

    Answering a question on the recent border dispute between India and China, Pompeo said – ‘The Chinese Communist Party has been doing all this since March. He was trying for this for a long time. They will definitely do something there which will benefit them. But all the problems you have seen there are only threats which they have been giving for a long time.

    Responded to China for the first time

    Pompeo said- ‘For the first time, we have an administration that is really ready to react and say that this cannot be tolerated. This government has taken some important steps which shows how serious our government is to save the American people from China

    60 bills pending in US parliament against China

    There are 60 bills pending in the US Parliament against China. To which Pompeo replied – ‘I do not know which of those 60 will reach the President. I trust the people of Congress. Your point on 60 bills is important. Many of these bills are bipartisan bills.

    ‘Last week a bill related to Uygar Muslims was introduced in China. I want members of Congress to continue studying about this issue, work to help this administration so that the government can stop China’s efforts to keep the American people safe.

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