Android 12 will change the way you use app stores

    published on: 30/09/2020 5:59 PM

    Google gave details about the new operating system.

    Google has been getting just as criticized as Apple of late, in part because of its legal battle with Epic Games . For those who are not aware: the Fortnite developerrefused to pay the 30% commission that both tech giants ask for being in their app store, so the game was withdrawn. This ended up having an impact on a key Android 12 change.

    Despite the fact that Android 11 has just come out, Google has already announced a series of changes that the distribution of apps will suffer from the next version of this operating system. These will apply from next year, and the most notable of them is that it will make it easier for other app stores to operate on our smartphone, using the payment method they want.

    Although this will be facilitated by Google, those apps that remain on Google Play will have to pay a 30% commission to remain on the platform. As we said, these changes come from the fact that both Google and Apple have been strongly criticized by developers since the incident with Epic Games, so at least this company is taking action in this regard.

    Android has always allowed the installation of third-party stores, and many distributors and developers use this function to be able to do business with customers on their own terms, few users use this function as it is not overly regulated. This time the process of installing and using these stores will be facilitated and an attempt will be made to “make official” in some way, improving their security.

    In addition, from this version of Android, those who pay within Google Play must do so through the Google payment method. This means that not only app purchases will take 30%, but also all the payments we make within them. At the moment Android 12 is scheduled to come out on September 30, 2021, so it is expected that the changes will be applied on this date.

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