Baba Ramdev said that easy way to fight corona, meditate; Boost immunity

Boost Your Immune System with Pranayam

 If diseases are in our body, then the power to be healthy is also hidden in this body. If you know the ways, then control of the senses is the effective method to get rid of physical or mental depression. Everyone needs self control and spiritual power in the Corona period, Yoga yoga increases immunity and is necessary to take care of yourself at this time. June 21 is International Yoga Day. From today onwards, you will tell you the major yogasana, method and its benefits. Today, he is telling you about Pranayama.

Young women inhaling and exhaling (Pranayama Yoga) in the park.

What is Pranayama?

The word pranayama is made up of the prana + dimension. Prana refers to life and dimension means to exchange, that is, exchange of breath is necessary for life.


Complement: In this, the inhale is inhaled by the nose, it is called complement.

Kumbhak: The action of stopping the breath inside is called Kumbhak.

Laxative: Laxative exhaling.

Zeroq: The action of stopping the breath by exhaling and then not withdrawing is zero.


Clothing should be loose and comfortable. Drinking water after doing pranayama is very beneficial. While doing pranayama, your spine should be kept straight. There should be a quiet and pollution-free environment. ‘One should sit only after retiring from bath etc. ‘Pranayam after four hours of food and two hours after drinking or just hungry stomach.

Major Pranayam and methods

Kapalbhati: Keep the waist straight in Kapalbhati and keep both hands in the knowledge posture while sitting in Siddhasana. Exhale rapidly through the nose and pull the stomach inward. Keep in mind that do not inhale, just leave.

Benefits: Helps to eject toxins from the body. Increases immunity and cleans the respiratory tract.

Bhastrika: The literal meaning of Bhastrika is blower. Sounding like a blower, pure air is taken in and impure air is thrown out. Inhale and release at high speed.

Benefits: Very useful for nervous diseases. Obesity, asthma and breathing diseases are away.

Pranayama has the strength to survive an epidemic like corona and even eliminate its infection. Five types of pranayama can prevent diseases like blood pressure, stress, diabetes, heart disease. Corona virus infection is mostly a threat to those people who suffer from any of the above diseases. By doing regular pranayama and Surya Namaskar we can rest assured of the risk of these diseases.

-Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev


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