Bad news for Salman’s fans! The shooting of the film Radhe was canceled, know the reason

    published on: 22/07/2020 11:54 PM

    Due to the Corona epidemic, fans are no longer able to watch their favorite stars’ films. The shooting of Salman Khan’s film Radhe has been stopped due to the Corona epidemic, due to which fans are longing to see Salman’s film.

    Let us know that the shooting of many films and serials has started in the midst of this scandal, but the remaining shooting of Salman’s film Radhe has been canceled. According to the information, there were many reports about the release date of this film, in which it was told that Radhe film will be released soon.

    According to sources, in the remaining shooting of Radhe film, songs and parts of the film were to be shot. According to the news, it was also told that Salman and Disha can do the rest of the film shooting in Mumbai.

    Let me tell you that this film was supposed to be released on Diwali this year but if the shoots were being canceled like this due to the corona epidemic, then this film might be released in 2021 next year.

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