Barcelona sends its footballers home

Following the Federation’s warning and after a meeting of the medical services, the club stops training until further notice

Barca decided this Thursday that they would continue with training, that they would not stop rolling the ball until a case of coronavirus was found within the club. “There have been no tests because the protocol did not indicate so. The first team, in any case, is very controlled and if there was a minimum symptomatology in any of them, all the measures adopted would have been reviewed again, ”said an authorized voice of the club to this newspaper. Just a few hours later, this Friday, however, the opposite was decided. The first team for training until further notice .

As planned, all the first team players went to Barça’s training in the early morning. And they barely jumped onto the grass of the sports city to hold an impromptu meeting in which they were told to return to their homes. Warned that the Spanish Federation had requested that the work sessions be canceled as a preventive measure, the club officials corrected the decision of the previous day. 

Thus, meeting with President Josep Maria Bartomeu together with doctors Jaume Padrós – president of the Barcelona College of Physicians and head of occupational health at Barça – and Antoni Trilla – head of Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology at the Hospital Clínico – decided to stop the ball .

“Given the health situation and following the recommendations of our medical services, the first soccer team suspends all activity until further notice,” resolved an official statement from the Catalan entity. “But all the players are going to have a lot of duties, eh?”, Says a club worker, also at home, because Barça had decided the day before to reduce the staff at the Ciudad Deportiva, in addition to closing the Museum and the ice rink, and stopping all activity of non-professional teams, since competitions have also been frozen until further notice.

Barcelona does not understand competitive stoppage as a synonym for a physical halt, so from the coaching staff they have developed specific work templates for each footballer, which will be supervised by the physical trainers. 

Of course, they will work at home, not in gyms where there are more people, as was recommended to them in that morning meeting. Thus, Barça, a day later, also puts the brakes on.


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