Bruna Marquezin talks with Globo’s rivals after resignation

chorando após ter assistido ao filme Minha Mãe é Uma Peça 3 (Foto: Montagem)

After the controversial resignation and troubled moment at Globo, Bruna Marquezine intends to invest in the digital influencer’s life and has already interacted with other channels

Famous actress and model, Bruna Marquezin, made a remarkable career inside and outside of Globo (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Many are wondering whether Bruna Marquezin Professional after being fired from The globe. Well, since 2017, away from Rio de Janeiro’s giants and dedicating themselves to the lives of more and more digital influencers and celebrities, the answer seems obvious.

According to Jornal Xtra, over the years, the artist has expressed a desire to be more free to choose his works without the obligation of being on the air for a long time, because once hired by Globo, he is only up to Chanel Is limited. And his “long” presentations.

Among future pursuits is Bruna Marquezin’s plan, investing in her career as a digital influencer worldwide, and combining it with theatrical studies abroad, has become one of the powerful’s main goals. It is worth remembering that the brunette promises to improve her performance since 2017 when she asked Globo to stay away for a year and not even touch a mediocre notebook.

The artist, and, more than ever, digital influencer, wants to take advantage of the powerful Instagram account where he accumulates a profile with 37 million and more than 700 thousand followers, to promote brands that his current life The best moment to do with style and with.

The former Globo actress jawed off her followers after she revealed that she had forgotten how bad it was to watch BBB 20 (Photo: disclosure)
Bruna Marquezin intends to focus on the life of the influencer (Photo: disclosure)

Other channels

However, as reported by Jornal Xtra, Bruna Marquezin does not want to give up her acting career starting with Globo 17 years ago. Despite not considering making soap operas any time soon, especially after ‘Desu Salve O Ri’, in which he was heavily criticized for his robotic performance, the artist negotiates bets on streaming platforms with international reach Does.

Rumors say that Bruna Marquezine is investing heavily in streaming in two big names: Disney + and Netflix. In addition to digital, the artist wants to dedicate herself to cinema, including actresses, in March Swim Swim Till You ‘debuts his big screen as the film’s protagonist, A copyright of 20th-century Fox, a cinematographic studio recently acquired by Disney, with Brazilian hearts Coraco da Selva, Mara Films and Norami Films.

Bruna Marquezine shrinks on display in an open swimsuit and impresses fans (Photo: Personal Archive)
Bruna Marquezin has more than 37 million followers on Instagram alone (Photo: Personal Archive)

Fired but not surprised

Bruna Marquezin’s resignation of Globo It did not fall like a bomb, nor was it a surprise to anyone, on the contrary, given the actress’ previous years on the channel, the news was more apparent than being overwhelming. On 27th last Monday confirmed to the press, the artist will now only work for the productions of Rio de Janeiro Vishal, i.e. the “Mamata” of receiving without work has ended.

For some time now, Globo has changed the way it hires its actors, leaving long contracts just calling them for work, that is, when an actor is not on aerial acting at a soap opera He will no longer receive.

The strategy is part of the cost reduction that Globo has been facing for some time, in addition to cutting many professionals, the channel has changed the way it hires its artists to pay them higher wages now Not required when globals are also not in the air. Such was the case with Bruna Marquezin, for example.

Crying after watching the film My Mother A Part 3 (Photo: editing)
Bruna Marquezine wept after watching the film Minha Ek Uma Part 3 (Photo: editing)

other names

However, Bruna Marquezin is not the only global star to be “sent away” from the Globo. Another Name was announced this week Too, Malvino Salvador. The actor has not renewed his monthly salary contract and will only receive work, as in this case also Cayo CastroBianca BinDan stool backBruno Gagliasso, among others.

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