Captain Marvel lead star Brie Larson now becomes a youtuber

The actress premiered her YouTube channel and revealed the names of her guests, including Juanpa Zurita.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused several Hollywood celebrities to decide to carry out activities that they did not usually do before; Such is the case of Brie Larson, who opened her own YouTube channel.

The actress who gave life to Captain Marvel uploaded a video to be featured on the video website and couldn’t help but get on her nerves.
“Youtube has been a place I’ve learned a lot from, from knowing how to use a brush or how to be a considerate activist. This is a place to talk about it.”

The also director gave a preview of the guests she will have on her channel, which are Justine Ezarik, Mitchell Moffit, Gregory Brown, Jessie Ennis, Nina Park, Sean Evans, Kelly Stamps, Bryce Scarlett, youtuber Swoozie, Michelle Khare, Lauren Riihimaki and the Mexican Juanpa Zurita.

In the video you can see the California native the moment she tells all her interviewees that they are being recorded for her channel, who welcome her to YouTube.

The protagonist of “Scott Pilgrim” already has more than 60,000 subscribers and her first video has more than 120,000 views.
This is how the actress joins celebrities who are already opening YouTube channels such as Will Smith, Maise Williams, Ryan

Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, among others who find in this place a space to be present with their followers and talk about many topics, among which are cinema, new projects and even interview other stars.

So far Brie Larson has not released her upcoming projects within the film industry, but she has been very active supporting social causes such as the #MeToo movement, raising her voice for gender equality within Hollywood.