China media reacts to America’s mediation in border dispute with India

    published on: 29/05/2020 9:21 AM

    China has responded after the US offered to mediate to resolve the border dispute between India and China.

    The United States had asked to mediate to end the border dispute that is gaining momentum between India and China Dispute. After which the Chinese state media said on Thursday that China and India do not need the help of the US to end the current confrontation on the border.

    US President Donald Trump said in a tweet that he would mediate to resolve the border dispute between the two countries. After which this reaction has come out in the Chinese media. Trump said in a tweet, “We have informed both India and China that the US is ready, willing and able to mediate the border dispute.”

    There has been no official response from the Chinese Foreign Ministry in response to Trump’s tweet. But an article published in the official newspaper ‘Global Times’ said that both countries do not need such help from President Trump.

    The report reads – ‘India and China are able to resolve the recent dispute with bilateral talks. Both countries should be vigilant with the US, which is looking for an opportunity to spoil peace and harmony in the region. ‘

    Recently, there were reports that tensions have increased considerably between India and China on the Line of Actual Control of Ladakh and Sikkim. It was being said that both the countries on the border have increased the deployment and patrolling of troops.

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