China said- America gets out of cold war mentality, Trump should improve his stand on us

    published on: 21/07/2020 9:48 AM

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    China said- America gets out of cold war mentality, Trump should improve his stand on us

    The photo is from 29 June 2019. The G-29 Summit was then held in Osaka, Japan. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump met Chinese President Xi Jinping.

    • China’s Foreign Ministry has issued a strong statement about America
    • China has said that America changes the mindset already created about us

    China, through a statement, urged the US to improve its behavior in a relationship with America. China’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement – America needs to come out of the Cold War mentality. A few days ago, US Defense Minister Mark Asper, in a statement, described China as the biggest threat to American interests. After this, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said the same thing. Now China has reacted to this.

    China so angry
    Asper made a statement a few days ago about China’s threat. It was also posted on the website of the US Defense Ministry. Espar described China as a greater threat and challenge to America than Russia. Asper said that China is creating problems for our country and now the time has come to deal with it. Pompeo said that China is plotting to change the world’s geography.

    China’s answer
    China’s foreign ministry responded to Espar and Pompeo’s talk. Said- Some people in America maintain the opinion already made on China-America. These people should change the attitude of cold war. There is a need to look at China’s development properly. The relationship of the two countries is going through a difficult period due to some people.

    China complies with international laws
    China further said in the statement – We have always followed international laws and will continue to do so. America should think about this, which often breaks agreements and hurts international organizations. There is no need to say much about this because the world has known all about it. We want the cases to be resolved properly. America should stop questioning our leadership because it has the support of the people of China.

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