China’s per capita GDP surpasses $10,000 for the first time

    published on: 18/01/2020 1:14 PM

    • China’s National Bureau of Statistics director Ning Chizhe said China’s GDP per capita reached $ 10,276 in 2019.
    • This calculation is done on the average exchange rate.

    Beijing: China’s per capita gross domestic product (GDP) of the world’s largest population crossed $ 10,000 for the first time in 2019.

    This was revealed in the official figures released on Friday. China’s per capita GDP reached $ 10,276 in 2019, said China National Bureau of Statistics Director Ning Chizhe. This calculation is done on the average exchange rate. He said that our population is 140 crores and our per capita GDP is more than $ 10,000.

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    China will continue to contribute further to the world’s progress and development. According to the data, China’s per capita expendable income in 2019 stood at 30,733 yuan ($ 4,461.95), showing an increase of 5.8 percent on a real basis.

    Consumer expenditure rose 5.5 percent on a real-time basis (constant price) to 21,559 yuan ($ 3143.44) in 2019.

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