Chinese coronavirus: China expected results in 40 days for potential vaccines in the world

    published on: 29/01/2020 12:48 AM

    Outbreak of Chinese Coronavirus It has spread alarm and medical mechanisms around the world to control an epidemic of potentially disastrous consequences for humanity.

    However, unlike SARS, a far more lethal outbreak, the Chinese coronavirus is already being controlled and the number of people discharged appears to be increasing, which is key to the development of a vaccine.

    However, there is no specific treatment and only symptoms can be treated with other viruses such as influenza. In many cases the effect of traditional antivirals is being tested.Chinese coronavirus: China expected results in 40 days for potential vaccines in the world

    What is and how to make a vaccine?

    A vaccine is a preparation designed to produce acquired immunity against a specific disease, which stimulates the natural production of antibodies in our body.

    These drugs usually contain disease-causing microorganisms, called Antigen (In this case the Chinese coronovirus itself), but in a weakened or dead form, so that it stimulates the immune system and, after recognizing the danger, initiates the process of destruction during record keeping to face it in the future.

    Along with antigens, the vaccine also contains interveners, Which are substances that help the immune system to respond better to a vaccine.Biologist


    Vaccine against Chonis in search of coronavirus

    At the moment the most desired drug worldwide is a vaccine, but to achieve it, a series of studies have to be carried out. In this regard, Chinese scientists sequenced the coronavirus genetic material a few days after the outbreak was known and made it available to laboratories around the world to investigate and generate a vaccine.

    Is one of those international laboratories National School of Tropical Medicine at Boiler College of Medicine in Texas, Where an effective vaccine against coronovirus outbreaks known as SARS and MERS was already achieved in 2003.

    This new outbreak is a less lethal than SARS, but has enough similarities so that a useful drug can be obtained through modifications of previous vaccines.Chinese coronavirus: China expected results in 40 days for potential vaccines in the world

    Also, director of infectious diseases United States National Institutes of HealthAnthony Fauci said in Washington that “we have already started developing a vaccine” with many collaborators.

    for its part, CSIC National Biotechnology Center It is also in the development of a vaccine for this new outbreak of coronavirus, using previous experience in obtaining attenuated viruses from SARS and MERS.

    When they are weakened, they are the perfect “raw material” for the development of vaccines, as they will stimulate the production of antibodies in organisms without developing the condition, according to laboratory director Luis Enjuanese.

    But the labs that are working hard are in China, where the vaccine is expected to be introduced as soon as possible, according to scientist Xu Venus. Centers for Disease Control and prevention a press conference on Sunday.


    How will a vaccine take it to OBTAIN?

    How long it will take to get vaccinated against this new outbreak of coronavirus is yet to be known. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the United States National Institute of Health announced Bloomberg That Phase I trial can begin in a three-month period.

    However, in the Asian country they manage other times. Lee Hangwen, CEO of biotechnology company Stamina Therapeutics, Released He is expected to get the vaccine in 40 days.

    The use of biotechnology-based on its speed is due to mRNA, The molecule responsible for “transferring” information from DNA and serving as a basis for protein synthesis. Vaccines based on this produce faster, so they have dared to point towards this deadline. It is only waiting.

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