Coronavirus in Peru: everything you need to know about the arrival of COVID-19 in the country

    published on: 06/03/2020 12:49 PM

    This morning, March 6, President Martin Viscera Announced that the first case of the virus (Covid-19). Covert risk, as they have already been registered in other Latin American countries such as Ecuador (13 infected), Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. Worldwide, more than 90,000 people have fallen and about 3,100 have died. The epidemic is affecting nearly 80 countries on all continents.

    The President, come A message to the nation And with the Minister of Health, Elizabeth HynostroseHe called on the population to calm down and ensure the situation was controlled. “We have arranged through the Ministry of Health all the appropriate measures from the medical perspective so that this patient, who is stable, has comprehensive care,” he said.

    President Vizcarra said that this is a situation we must assume very calmly, however, with unity and solidarity among the Peruvians.

    “I want to send a peaceful message to the population. We must remain calm, rely on the capabilities of our health system and continue preventive actions, as we have done, both authorities and citizens,” he said.President Martin Viscera confirms the first case of the Coronavian virus in Peru

    the minister of Health, Elizabeth Hynostrose, Announced that the young man arrived from Europe on February 26 and March 4 he felt bad with difficulty breathing, so he went to a local clinic, after attention and treatment given the warning Ministry of Health (Minessa) Who arranged for a dedicated medical team and on March 5, the protocol was operated on suspicious cases to test it and take the specimen.

    After six hours, the results showed positive. The patient is in home isolation.

    The Epidemiology and Prevention team will oversee the patient and his / her families. Plus other people in contact with the infected. Similarly, the company you work with to assess other potential infections will contact.Health Minister in First Patient with Corona Virus in Peru – Diario Ojo

    The following cases of virus Featured in Peru will be treated at the new Lima East Bath Emergency Hospital, which has been conditioned and equipped for the exclusive treatment of patients infected with a nickname also called COVID-19.

    This was announced by Manuel Espinoza, the disease infection Ministry of Health (Minsa), who presented at Hipólito Unanue Hospital – in El Agostino – yesterday, one of the five modules of exclusive attention before the virus’s eventual arrival in Peru.

    “If needed, more modules will be installed, but if that increases, there’s a brand new hospital that can serve about 250 patients. A budget has already been allocated for its approval and hiring,” he told Pro 21.

    The news about Latina, Canal N and América Televisión went in search of masks in various areas of the city and confirmed that they were rare and had risen in price.

    The regular price of the masks is S / 0.50 and in pharmacies it rose to S / 3.50. Even, at the factory, they stated that they would only sell one customer.

    However, the Ministry of Health reported it The masks “do not protect against infection caused by the coronus virus.

    Before announcing the first case of virus (COVID-19) In Peru, indocologist Manuel Espinoza, of the Minas National Institutes of Health (INS), urged citizens not to mistake counterfeit drugs or vitamins to prevent the spread of this disease.

    In statements to the Andes Agency, the expert regretted this before the reported case of COVID-19 The state is creating a “panic” among citizens and that a group of people is seeking to exploit to gain economic profits. He cited as an example that some messages with “tips to prevent or fight” the virus are shared through social networks.

    The hemomarius, multivitamins, herbal extracts, pre-existing cocktail of influenza, the synthetic compound derived from the jealousy (the national protector), cannabis and other ‘recipes’ have not proven effective in countries where there are already confirmed cases of virus.

    Therefore, he recommended Don’t make unnecessary and even risky expenses Because, as mentioned, taking over-the-counter medicines can cause a health problem like gastritis.Mask price increases. (Photo GEC / TV America TV)

    The price of dollar Peru opened this Friday after the government approved the first case of a coronavirus infection, raising investor concerns.

    At 9:10 pm (local time), it’s time Exchange Rates It is currently trading at 3,474 at an interbank price, up 0.25% compared to S / 3,465 at the end of Thursday, according to Bloomberg data.

    The US currency ended its session yesterday at a record high of S / 3,465, which has not been seen since March 2016, despite the intervention of the Reserve Bank (BCR).

    Prevention of not contracting the corona virus

    1.- Wash hands frequently With a disinfectant gel, or with soap and water, because the virus can be transmitted by touching contaminated or diseased surfaces, thus reducing the risk.

    2.- Some surfaces must be cleaned regularly, such as desks in workplaces or in the kitchen.

    3.- Make sure the information on COVID-19 comes from reliable sources, such as national public health agencies, medical professionals or the World Health Organization itself. Know, for example, that the disease usually begins with a fever or dry cough, rather than a nose discomfort.

    4.- Avoid displacement if you have fever or cough. If you are sick during a flight, let the staff know right away, and once at home, contact healthcare professionals and tell them where you have been.

    5.- Cough or sneeze in the arm sleeve (not on the arm) or use a handkerchief to be thrown immediately, then wash your hands.

    6.- If you have more than 60 years or health problems such as cardiovascular disease, breathing, or diabetes, there is a higher risk of becoming seriously ill before a hypothetical infection, so take extra precautions, avoiding overcrowded areas or places where there may be contact With potential patients.

    How to wash your hands properly and prevent the Coronavirus?

    Image result for how to wash hands to prevent coronavirus

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