Corona virus: where and how can you get your test done?

    published on: 20/05/2020 10:36 AM

    It is very possible that by now you have come to know the symptoms of covid-19. Its main symptoms are cough and fever. But these symptoms do not necessarily mean you have become corona. These can also be common flu symptoms. But what can you do if you are afraid?

    First way

    Corona virus: where and how can you get your test done?

    The Union Health Ministry has issued the covid helpline number and has also given the mail id. Which you can contact at any time.

    24X7 is toll free number – 1075. Another help line number is – 011 23978046. Whereas the mail id is – [email protected]

    Suppose you called 1075. Phone pickers will first ask you about your symptoms. You will ask what zone of which district you live in.

    Corona virus: where and how can you get your test done?

    Second way

    Till now most of the government labs are being tested, but some private labs have also been allowed.

    However, you cannot go for a test by going directly to a private lab. For this you will need a prescription from a doctor, who will write to you that you need to get a test of covid-19.

    Based on this, you can get the test done from private lab. To conduct a test in a private lab, you have to pay up to Rs 4500.

    Arvind Lal, managing director of Lal Path Lab, says that the ICMR has set certain rules for the corona test. If the patient fits those rules, then the doctor advises him to undergo a test. The test will be done only after seeing the written advice of the doctor.

    Whose test can be done?

    According to the ICMR testing strategy , these people will be tested. Some changes have also been made in the testing strategy on Monday –

    • Those who have symptoms of corona (ILI symptoms) and who have come from abroad within the last 14 days. ILI symptoms ie 38 यानीC or more with fever and cough with acute respiratory infection.
    • Those who have come in contact with infected people and have symptoms (ILI symptoms).
    • Health workers / frontline workers engaged in the control of corona with ILI symptoms.
    • Patients with severe acute respiratory illness. That is, those who have an acute respiratory infection with 38◦C or more fever and cough and need to be hospitalized.
    • Corona come in direct contact with the infected, people without symptoms who are at high risk. They have to be tested between 5 and 10 days after coming in contact. (Earlier this test was to be done between 5 and 14 days, which has now been done for 10 days.)
    • Patients with influenza like illnesses or ILI of the container zone / hotspot.
    • All hospitalized patients with ILI symptoms.
    • All migrants with ILI symptoms or who have returned home from other states should be tested within 7 days.

    Emergency and delivery patients

    The ICMR has also made a special change in its testing strategy to not delay the treatment and delivery of an emergency patient to the hospital due to tests. However, if they seem suspicious of Corona, then take their sample and send it for test, but treatment should not be delayed.

    It has also been clearly stated in the new test strategy that all the above people should be tested only through RT-PCR.

    Corona virus: where and how can you get your test done?

    If you have downloaded the Arogya Setu App, then you can also get information about government and private labs near you.

    Third way

    The third way is the Arogya Setu App. If you have the Arogya Setu App, then you can also get help through it. The app also has a 1075 help line number. Apart from this, you can also do self-testing by answering some questions on the app itself.

    In the app, you will be asked some simple written questions. Like do you have any of these symptoms? – Cough, fever, difficulty in breathing or none of these. You can reply by clicking.

    Also you will be asked, have you ever had any of these diseases: diabetes, high blood pressure, lung disease, heart disease or none of these.

    Also, will you be asked whether you have returned from abroad in the last 28 to 45 days? Have to answer yes or no.

    Then it will be asked whether you have come in contact with any covid-19 patient recently? Or are you a health care worker and did you examine a patient with covid-19 infection without protective equipment?

    Based on the answers to these questions, you will be told how much you are at risk of infection.

    If the answer to your questions shows that you have symptoms of corona, then your data automatically goes into the government’s server. After this you will be contacted by yourself. The app also has information about the lab in your area.

    How much testing has been done in India so far

    There is no cure for corona yet. But the role of testing is important in controlling it.

    According to the ICMR, 24 lakh 4 thousand 267 sample tests have been done in India till May 9, that is Tuesday at 9 o’clock.

    The organization says that it has increased testing for the covid-19. According to ICMR, a total of 522 labs are conducting independent testing and thereafter giving test data to ICMR. Of these, 371 are government labs and 151 are private labs.

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