Selena Gomez participated in the game “Can you feel it” of the Jimmy Fallon Show, and you can’t believe what she had to play. Disgust!

Selena Gomez was definitely the bravest and most controlled of the pair she formed with Jimmy Fallon in the game ” Can you feel it”? which consists of touching elements that are in a tray without seeing them and trying to guess what it is.

While Jimmy, a famous American TV host, could hardly touch what was offered, Selena acted in a calmer way. How did I find out what it was!

Hair tangled up in a shower rack, live food worms and even a rather particular teddy bear, Selena had to touch without knowing what was taking her hands. Disgusting!

In the end, the only winner was her, because with Jimmy we couldn’t tell much. Come on Jimmy, it’s your show!

By the way, Selena Gomez looked beautiful in a pink dress, very delicate and in which she looks a splendid figure.