Elena Krawzow, first Paralympic athlete to make the cover of Playboy

Elena Krawzow, first Paralympic athlete to make the cover of Playboy

At 26, Elena Krawzow became the first female Paralympic athlete to pose nude in the renowned Playboy magazine. The young woman posed sensually and also spoke about various aspects of her life, and what it is like having Stargardt’s disease.

Elena began to swim at the age of 13, a year before the German began to suffer the consequences of the hereditary disease, where she began to lose her vision. From that moment, she excelled in the discipline and at 16 she was invited to be part of a club in Nürnberg. Then came the triumphs being a three-time world champion and a silver medalist in London 2012.

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Regarding her illness, she said:  “It affects the retina. The center with which you can see more clearly has been extinguished, so to speak, in my case, so I have a very limited field of vision. I can still see something at the edge of the field of view. It is not that it has a black dot in the middle, but that the images overlap. Today I can still see 3%, but everything is very, very blurry ”.

“If true! “I am the first female Paralympian on the cover of Playboy. ” I could not deny this possibility. I want to give an example of more tolerance in society. So that people with disabilities can create anything and not hide, even if you are not like most, because not all disabilities are seen at first glance, diversity is part of society and tolerance helps us all ”.

But also, the athlete reflected on her journey: “It is not easy to make a place in society when you have a disability, I say this from my own experience”, and indicated that a level of perfection is sought, especially in the industry of the fashion. She stated: “It is important to me that people do not judge people with disabilities so quickly. It doesn’t matter if you are different for most of the world: you have to stand up, accept yourself, and love yourself as you are.

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