Elon Musk shares details of his project to colonize Mars in 2050 with his Starship

    published on: 20/01/2020 11:38 AM

    The billionaire is planning to send a thousand Starship ships to Mars every 26 months with “anyone” who wishes to migrate to the red planet.

    Mexico City, January 19 (RT) .- The founder and CEO of SpaceX aerospace company, Elon Musk, in a series of tweets on January 17 shared the details of his vision of how the human being would become a multi-planetary species, building a city of one million inhabitants on Mars by 2050.

    These people would arrive on the red planet in the Starship ships , a reusable interplanetary vehicle, that SpaceX is developing in Texas (EU). According to Musk, to reach the goal you have to manufacture a thousand within 10 years: this would be equivalent to the construction of 100 spaceships annually.

    Musk plans to launch an average of three ships to Earth’s orbit daily with the use of the Super Heavy reusable rocket.

    “It is necessary to bring to the orbit megatons [1 million tons] per year for life to become multiplanetary,” said the leader of SpaceX, specifying that it is “100 megatons annually.”

    In addition, the billionaire has indicated that “around 100 thousand people” would fly to the red planet “each Earth-Mars orbital synchronization.” Here Musk refers to the alignment of the orbits of Earth and Mars, which occurs every 25 months and lasts 30 days.

    These conditions would allow the Starship to leave Earth’s orbit and start the route to Mars with low fuel consumption. Musk has planned to use this opportunity to “load the Mars fleet into Earth’s orbit” and subsequently send the thousand ships to the red planet every 26 months.

    Each Starship would be able to transport to the orbit a load of more than 100 tons and 100 passengers at a time. Although the founder of SpaceX has not specified this time what spacecraft would take to Mars, you can imagine that it would be water, food, tools and construction materials, among other things.

    In addition, Musk believes that this trip to Mars should be accessible to anyone who wishes to undertake it.

    “It has to be so that anyone can go if they want, with loans available to those who lack resources,” Musk wrote. These loans would be paid, since the billionaire says that “there will be many jobs on Mars.”

    • On September 28, Elon Musk presented the latest updates on the design and construction of its Starship transport system
    • On November 20, 2019, the first real-size prototype of the Starship spacecraft exploded during a tightness test
    • A month after the first prototype exploded, Elon Musk presented the giant dome of this spaceship

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