‘Enola Holmes’: Millie Bobby Brown is Sherlock’s sister in a movie trailer

Enola Holmes

Millie Bobby Brown (from Stranger Things ) is the star of Enola Holmes, a film centered on the sister of Sherlock Homes ( Henry Cavill, of Superman and The Witcher ) which debuts on Netflix on September 23 and won a humorous trailer and full of action today. 

In it, the young woman discovers that her mother ( Helena Bonham Carter ) has disappeared and she ends up in the care of Sherlock and her other brother, Mycroft. The two decide that Enola needs to go to an upper-class girls’ school to be educated with a lady and not like the empowered young woman her mother raised.

The plot takes place in England in 1884 when, on the morning of her 16th birthday, Enola discovers that Madame Holmes has disappeared, leaving behind only some strange gifts, without any clue as to her whereabouts. 

The move to that school is not welcome, and Enola flees to look for his mother in London. Soon she becomes involved in a mystery involving a young fugitive lord who can change the course of history and turns Enola into a respected investigator – to the point of beating her most famous brother.

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