Europe, the summer protocol and what it would be like in Argentina

    published on: 20/05/2020 7:00 PM

    Ordering and caring for people in the summer season is the challenge to come

    Europe , little by little, begins the process of lack of control after an extensive battle against the coronavirus that is still very present. For this reason, with the arrival of summer , all countries must seek mechanisms to protect people, not give space to a possible outbreak of the virus, and be able to enjoy the beaches and points of tourist concentration. Possibly a decalogue of what measures could be taken when the heat reaches these latitudes.

    The members of the European Community agreed on the need to be gradual and strictly maintain sanitary protocols. The dates considered key are those that Italy must go through, for example, that on June 3 it will open its borders with the countries of the European Union without the need to resort to quarantine. This, in the midst of the reopening of shops, restaurants, hotels, museums and beaches.

    Spain has not yet defined a more detailed protocol in the presence of more people and tourists at specific points. Germany would allow to spend the summer from June 15 but not as before, but under new social controls. In France, Macron confirmed that “there will be tourism in Europe but with special care for foreigners and French.”

    A group of Italian engineers analyzed a model of social ordering on the beaches. The system is based on corridors with a single direction, that is, corridors for people to wander in the same direction, with space for sunbathing, divided from the rest, and sanitary elements throughout the route.. The objective is to apply this “design” the necessary time to complete the post quarantine process.

    In Greece, and in some beaches in Spain, it is allowed to go to the beach but not to swim, while in others it is possible. In Argentina, by the time the summer  season arrives , the time factor and the disappearance of potential infections will be played, although a key factor will remain to be solved: the agglomeration of people in the same space. Culture, habits and common sense will become determining factors.

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