Facebook, Twitter edit Nancy Pelosi refuses to down video

Facebook, Twitter edit Nancy Pelosi refuses to down video

Facebook, Twitter and Google-owned YouTube have refused to pull an edited video posted by US President Donald Trump, showing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi a copy of the former’s State of the Union address.

A five-minute video posted on Trump’s social media accounts showed Pelosi tearing up the speech, while Trump honored several Americans and saluted a Tuskegee airman in the audience. Pelosi broke the speech after Trump ended his address on Tuesday night.

“Speaker Pelosi’s latest fake video is deliberately designed to mislead and lie to the American people, and every day these platforms refuse to take it is another reminder that they are more concerned with their own Cares more for the interests of shareholders, ”drew. Hamill, Pelosi’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Tweeted on Friday.

Hammil and several Democratic lawmakers called on the social media network to pull the video but to no avail.

Twitter and Facebook said this did not violate their policies.

The video was viewed by about 4 million people On twitter, Over 2 million On Facebook And over 4 million on Facebook-owned Instagram, Report CNET

Facebook spokesman Andy Stone responded to Hamill on Twitter: “Sorry, are you suggesting that the President did not make this comment and the Speaker did not make a speech?”

Hammill said: “What planet are you living on? It has misleadingly changed. Take it down.”

Congressman Veronica Escobar Tweeted On Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: “This video is clearly another misleading attempt by @realDonaldTrump to mislead and manipulate the American people. Hey @jack, cutting this wrong video misinforming your nation and this Shows your commitment to bring down fake videos. “

Facebook and Twitter refused to remove an old ‘Deepfake’ video of Pelosi, which was edited to give the impression that she was using her words.

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