five Chinese soldiers death on the border, how tweet spread confusion

    published on: 16/06/2020 4:13 PM

    After this incident came to light, some Indian media channels were quoting the Chinese government newspaper ‘Global Times’ that 5 soldiers of the Chinese Army were also killed and 11 of its soldiers were injured.

    On this, ‘Global Times’ tweeted that the Global Times had never given any information about the casualties from the Chinese side from its official Twitter handle.

    Global Times wrote in a tweet that even at this time it cannot confirm the number of Chinese soldiers killed or injured.

    At the same time, the editor-in-chief of the Chinese and English edition of the Global Times newspaper has tweeted that the Chinese side has also been harmed in this violent clash, but they have not given any details or number of the damage.

    He tweeted, “On the basis of what I know, the Chinese side has also been hurt in the skirmish in the Galvan Valley. I want to tell the Indian side not to be arrogant and do not consider China’s restraint as its weakness. China, India But we are not afraid of him. “

    China condemned India

    At the same time, China has termed this clash in the Galvan Valley as an illegal activity and called it a provocative act. China’s Foreign Ministry says that it has given a strong response to India against it.

    Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at the press conference on Tuesday that China and India were negotiating border tensions through diplomatic and military channels, after military commander-level talks on June 6, the two countries reached a consensus But “in severe violation of Monday, the Indian Army crossed the border twice for illegal activities and carried out provocative attacks against the Chinese Army”.

    Spokesman Zhao said that after this there was a serious violent clash between the soldiers of the two countries.

    Zhao said that the Chinese side has lodged a protest in front of India and also said that India should instruct its troops to be restrained on the basis of the agreement between the two countries. Apart from this, “Neither India should cross the border line nor take any one-sided step which worsens the situation”.

    According to Zhao, China and India have agreed to resolve the issues through dialogue so that tensions in the border areas can be reduced and peace is maintained.

    The Indian Army says that one officer and two soldiers have been killed in violent clashes. After this, Zhao’s statement has come. In a statement issued by the Indian Army Headquarters, it has been said that there have been casualties from both sides in this incident.

    Top military officials of both countries are trying to control the situation.

    Reporter’s tweet

    In fact, Indian media channels quoted Global Times journalist Wang Wenwen as saying that 5 Chinese soldiers were killed and 11 injured, the basis of this information was the tweet of reporter Wenwen.

    However, later he deleted this tweet and cleared it.

    He tweeted a new tweet saying that he had received this information from Indian sources.

    He wrote on Twitter that still officially China has not confirmed any casualties of any of its soldiers.

    At the same time, he accused the Indian media of being unprofessional and said that he presented it as the official side of China which is not right.

    Source: BBC NEWS

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