Foreign Minister Pompeo said – there is no basis for China’s claims, the world considers it there as its water empire

    published on: 14/07/2020 1:04 PM

    • China protests Mike Pompeo’s statement, says US is distorting facts
    • Pompeo said – China cannot legally claim marine resources

    Daily newspaper

    Jul 14, 2020, 12:24 pm is

    Washington. The Trump administration completely rejected China’s claims on the South China Sea on Monday. Also said that there is no place for China’s ‘Dadagiri’ in 21st century. His claims have no legal basis. The world will not allow China to consider the South China Sea as its water empire.

    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the US stands with Southeast Asian allies. He is with them to protect the rights of natural resources of countries located in coastal areas. China cannot legally lay its claim on marine resources. All of China’s claims are unlawful except for internationally recognized maritime territories. However, the foreign minister said that the US would remain impartial in the ground disputes.

    China trying to control South China Sea

    He said that China is trying to control South China Sea illegally. In the region, the United States is in favor of maintaining peace and stability as well as international law, maintaining the freedom of the sea. He alleged that China threatens Southeast Asian coastal countries in the South China Sea. It also claims unilateral dominance over the region.

    China furious over America
    China has objected to this statement of the US. The Chinese Embassy has said that Foreign Minister Pompeo is distorting the facts. His statement is not justified. We oppose it.

    Tensions between the two countries are increasing

    Recently, military of both countries have done military exercises in this area. It seems that the tension between the two countries is increasing. China exercised from 1 to 5 July, which the US said was a provocative work. After this, the US also sent two aircraft carriers to the region in South China Sea.

    What is South China Sea dispute
    This area of ​​South China Sea is between Indonesia and Vietnam, which is spread over 3.5 million square kilometers. The area is believed to have a plethora of natural resources. In recent years, China has built ports to dominate the region. Also built an artificial island and built a military base. China calls the region its own and refuses to obey international law. At the same time, apart from China, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam and Brunei also claim their claim in this region.

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