Globo, after taking the road to Gustavo Lima, goes back: “Making peace”

Globo, after taking the road to Gustavo Lima, goes back: "Making peace"
Gustavo Lima

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Singer Gustavo Lima was cut off from the special by Fantastico and a Globo celebration (Photo: reproduction)

After recognizing his prowess with the public, Marinho plans to meet with broadcaster singer Gustavo Lima

Gustavo Lima Lives a very complicated relationship with Rede globo. To get an idea, the person refrains from mentioning the other’s name as much as possible. The situation has been going on for over a year, when the singer left the group’s record label Mon Livre.

According to information from Sonia Abrao’s team of journalists, Marinho’s direction will decide to “make peace” with the artist. This is because he eventually recognized his strength with the public despite some perceived boycott against him.

Last year, Gustavo Lima was released from Globo, from Fiestza, which brought together several stars from Baikuntha. According to the gossip of the presenter’s snag, he did a show on the same date, with the audience getting twice as many people.

On the other hand, the artist never showed any importance for being out of the Rio Channel casting. In fact, in a Fantasico special about the online show of previous days, he was abandoned and he didn’t even complain, even though he was one of the pioneers.

Gustavo Lima
Singer Gustavo Lima denied that he planned to overthrow the final of BBB 20 (Photo: Reproduction)

Gustavo Lima denies plans to destroy BBB 20 final

Rumors surfaced that the singer was planning to go live for the same day as the Big Brother Brasil final. But, it seems, it was just a misunderstanding, as he made it clear that he would no longer perform online.

In her official profile, Andres Suta’s husband denied any attempts to rematch against the broadcaster. “People are saying that I am going to do it live on the 27th day. this is wrong. My moral values ​​are more than that, ”he declared in the post.