Gloria Trevi gets a tattoo for the first time

Gloria Trevi gets a tattoo for the first time

The actress got a tattoo in honor of her fans

MEXICO CITY.- Gloria Trevi is one of the most famous and beloved singers by the public, so much so that a few hours ago she prepared a surprise for her fans.

It was through her social networks that the singer gave the news that she got a tattoo in honor of each of them, as a token of appreciation for the support of all years, and would wear the symbol of her “Tribe” for life.

The interpreter of “Cinco Minutes” spoke with tattoo specialists, where she was very excited and happy or at least she showed it in a video she made on her Instagram account, in which she could also be seen singing the famous ‘Tribe’ theme.

And it should be noted that Trevi has had a large number of fans who have even supported her in her most difficult moments that is why she decided to get this tattoo dedicated to each of them.

Faced with this confession, the artist received hundreds of messages of love from her admirers, some of whom were speechless with her bravery.

At the end of last month Gloria gave her virtual concert which was a total success that she did from the Metropólitan Theater in which she performed her greatest hits.

As if that were not enough, the singer let the audience realize all the preparations and what happened backstage of her presentation that was empty due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is nothing new for the artist and in this show she changed her wardrobe almost in all the songs, in the midst of lights and incredible effects she managed to give her heart on stage.

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