Good news! Facebook just saved WhatsApp!

Good news! Facebook just saved WhatsApp!

Not long ago, information circulated on the Internet that Facebook would introduce ads on WhatsApp. Considering that we are talking about the most popular messaging application in the world, it would undoubtedly be very boring for users. However, now there seems to be good news. It is that in the near future, these plans will not be implemented and as such we can say that Facebook has just had an excellent idea!

Good news! Facebook just saved WhatsApp!

There has not yet been an official announcement by Facebook. But now, the Wall Street Journal reported that the team that previously worked on adding ads to the messaging app has been disbanded. According to the most recent rumors, this feature has been “removed from the WhatsApp code”. Despite this good news, it is certain that Facebook will still find a way to make more money with WhatsApp.

Facebook users, Facebook ended up

We remember that Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014 for a huge amount of around 19 billion. At this point, it is not yet known whether Facebook has recovered this value after five years. However, it is certain that this company is determined to improve the application.

The introduction of advertising on WhatsApp was going to create some problems and “upset” the user would be the least of them. It is that with the entry of advertising, the security of communication could be affected.

It remains to be seen whether Facebook has completely postponed the idea of ​​adding ads to WhatsApp. However, the American giant is expected to realize that the application would suffer greatly from these changes. Still, if the WhatsApp team decides to integrate advertising into this app, we hope it will be as discreet as possible.

In addition to normal advertising, there would be more intrusive methods in the forms of advertising. Right from the start, it was foreseen that the brands could get in touch with users. As an example, Facebook already allows advertisers to chat live with consumers via paid messages.

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