Hong Kong’s local coronovirus cases boom, worrying health officials – World News

    published on: 07/07/2020 6:52 PM

    Hong Kong reported its largest number of local coronovirus transmission cases in nearly three months, stumping local health authorities and the difficulty of erasing the pathogen.

    Nine new local cases were reported in the city, government officials said in a press briefing on Tuesday. According to government figures, it is the highest since at least 8 April. Authorities have not yet determined how the five patients contracted the disease.

    “Over the weekend, Hong Kong’s local epidemic changed rapidly,” said Wong Ka-hing, a Health Department official. “The situation is very serious. There are plenty of new local cases. We will increase surveillance. “

    The emergence of hidden transmission chains of the virus, which can spread via asymptomatic carriers, is a shock to a city that was largely successful in keeping the disease for months. It also occurs two weeks after the latest relaxation of social-sanctions restrictions by the government.

    Hong Kong is not alone in battling the horrors of the disease. Australia’s second largest city has recently re-entered the virus lockdown, while more than a hundred new coronovirus cases are detected daily in Tokyo. In Beijing, the city is showing signs of emerging from a second wave of virus cases after reporting zero new patients for the first time in 26 days on Tuesday.

    Hong Kong reported only a dozen new local cases in June. The latest outbreak threatened to further weaken the battered economy, which fell to a record 8.9% in the first quarter.

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