Simple Tricks to Hide Online Status on WhatsApp

The “online” status on WhatsApp often causes things. A possessive girlfriend will get angry when your status is ” online” but you will never reply to a chat . Your boss might label you lazy when you don’t respond immediately to messages when the ” online  sign appears. 

If you feel disturbed by this one feature, there are a number of ways you can try to hide it. Want to know what it looks like? Come, see the following!

1. Know the difference between “online” and “last seen”

WhatsApp has two types of statuses that are usually displayed under our profile, namely “online” and “last seen” . The “online” status is usually displayed when someone is actively accessing WhatsApp or when the application is open as a background app on a smartphone .

The status “online” does not always indicate that the person is opening a chat from us. People who are online may be reading another chat , opening Settings on WhatsApp, or maybe accidentally leaving the application open while not holding a smartphone . So there are many possibilities indicated by one kind of status.

Whereas “last seen” means that someone is not opening WhatsApp. But it says when the person was last active. For example, “last seen 08.45” . This means he last opened WhatsApp today at 8:45.

So it can be concluded that the two types of status above are different, yes!

2. Start by hiding “last seen” 

WhatsApp actually does not have a special feature to hide the status ” online”. But you can hide “last seen” so others can not detect your activities in the application. Follow the steps below:

  1. Enter WhatsApp, then enter Settings;
  2. Select the Account menu then click Privacy;
  3. On the Last Seen menu , select Nobody if you don’t want anyone to be able to see that status.

Many think that this arrangement can hide the status “online”. But actually not. This setting only works to hide “last seen” . Other people can still see when you are actively accessing WhatsApp. 

But take it easy, there are a number of additional settings so that you are not seen online by others. Keep scrolling!

3. Turn off the application and activate airplane mode

If you don’t want to be disturbed by other people on WhatsApp, you can try this trick. You must exit and close the application completely. The trick is with the kill app feature or even force close .

After that, activate airplane mode on your smartphone . When you do this trick, the WhatsApp status will be blank until you open it again by connecting to an internet connection.

Consequently, you will not get incoming chat notifications or read them. So do it this way when you don’t just need WhatsApp, yeah!

4. Hide the blue check

The next setting you can apply is to hide the read receipt or the blue check mark. This will make others not know whether you have read their chat or not. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Enter WhatsApp, click Settings;
  2. Click Account , then enter Privacy;
  3. Click the toggle next to Read Receipt until it is gray, not green like before. 

Please note if you disable read receipts , you also cannot find out whether other people have read your chat or not. So, this setting applies in two directions. 

There are several tricks you can do to hide your “online” status on WhatsApp. Good luck and good luck, yes!

Written by Trendoversy


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