How to keep your skin young at any age? Here are some tips

    published on: 17/09/2020 6:22 PM

    Maintaining young skin is one of the great desires of men and women because, it is not a secret, it bothers us all when expression lines, typical of the 30s and more, begin to appear. 

    How is it that famous men and women manage to keep their skin young? Well, there are several tips that we can give you. 

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    Being well hydrated: It is one of the key points of healthy skin. The skin stays hydrated in two ways, mainly, one is by drinking plenty of water and taking care of your diet, such as avoiding fat, as that affects you. Another option to moisturize it as necessary with a cream. 

    Do not smoke: Another tip is not to smoke, because due to the harmful substances it contains, it ages your appearance, dehydrates you and the smoke contaminates you, not only on the inside but also on the outside.

    Disciplined skin care : It is important that you carefully take care of your skin, this is to wash it daily, clean it and hydrate it, also, do not forget the sunscreen, as the sun mistreats the face. 

    Use a special product for the contour of the eyes: The contour of the eyes is usually the headache of many since the skin is much thinner and it is more difficult to keep it young. 

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