If you are missing your partner by staying together, then bring excitement in the relationship, negotiate; With concerns

    published on: 11/07/2020 12:46 PM

    • According to experts, those who keep doing a new activity in a couple relationship are more satisfied with others
    • Take free time in the day for yourself, expect a partner from the next vacation planning and future

    Due to coronavirus, many couples are spending the most time with each other for the first time in life. Now to spend 24 hours and 7 days together means no questions or answers or any stories to share. In such a situation, staying connected with your partner or maintaining enthusiasm in the relationship has also become a challenge. Many couples are facing these situations around the world.

    It is very painful to pass like a colleague close to your partner. Because you spend the whole day together, you know each other’s activities, you cannot question, because you already know the answer. Two therapists and a writer are giving advice to overcome these relationship difficulties.

    Create excitement
    According to Jancey Dunn, author of “How Not to Hate Your Husband After Kids”, it may have been difficult during the Quarantine era, “research suggests new things can improve romantic relationships. Dunn is about an experiment.” She tells.

    In this experiment 50 couples were prepared for 90 minutes of exciting activities for 4 weeks. There was no intervention in this control group of 51 people. During this time, couples who are doing new activities were more satisfied about the relationship. Not only this, he remained quite satisfied for 4 months even after the end of 4 weeks.

    Now when you are able to get out of the house less, then what to do that will increase the enthusiasm. Couples can plan for the future during this period. Think of the vacations that come together. You know that it is not possible to go anywhere now, but in this way you will get new activity to do something together.

    There must be a motive to spend time together
    According to mental health counselor Vel Okrai, when it is difficult to find time alone, in some ways 30 minutes of the day can be made special. For example, by feeding children early, you organize a solo picnic in the backyard. According to Vail, watching a show together is also good.

    open you
    Family and marriage therapist Sinéad Smith explains that many people are feeling unexplained losses due to the epidemic. Many parts of our lives have been changed without our will and we may feel sad about it. Some people do not want to tell the partners how they are feeling. Because they do not want to increase their burden and stress. According to Smith, you will feel alienated if you do not share these feelings honestly.

    According to Vail, if your partner comes to you about the concern caused by these changes, then you can try to improve it. You can talk about the difficult times spent as a couple. During the conversation tell them how the two of you had faced a difficult period. A 5-minute affection at the end of a long day can make for a longer path.

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