India vs. China: The Galvan Valley Incident

Galvan Valley | At least 20 Indian Javans were killed in shelling in the Galvan Valley, while China performed tricks. Aggie is trying to rage with another key statement. Galvan Valley made key comments about their area.

Galvan Valley: China is playing again. At least 20 Indian Javans were killed in a fire in the Galvan Valley in eastern Ladakh on Tuesday. However, the Galvan Valley claims to be their territory, and China has complete control over it. This was stated by Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian.

Galvan Valley is a Chinese region. We have full control over this. Indian soldiers are breaking the border. Moves across the border. We advise Indian forces to be disciplined and cross the border. Zhao Lijian, representative of China, said: “No further action is required.”

India and China will negotiate with officials if any problems arise. It’s clear who is to blame. In the LAC region of China, fires occurred, so there is no need to blame our country. China no longer wants such incidents, and the fox shows humility, revealing the vague details of the shooting.


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