IOS 13.6 got some amazing feature n Whatsapp. You Must Try it!

    published on: 18/07/2020 10:35 PM

    IOS 13.6 got some amazing feature n Whatsapp. You Must Try it!

    With iOS 13.6 a new function has also been released for WhatsApp: in the shortcuts of the share button there are also the most used chats

    Apple has released iOS 13.6 , the new version of the iPhone operating system and among the various new features there is one that also concerns WhatsApp . In fact, the new shortcuts are available that allow you to quickly share images and content on the Internet with WhatsApp users . The new function was not announced by Apple, but by the WaBetaInfo account, always very well informed on the latest news regarding the messaging app.

    We had already talked about this new tool in the past few weeks, saying that it would be available with the iOS 13.6 update. This means that to use it you do not have to update the WhatsApp app, but directly the iPhone operating system. 

    What changes does the new feature bring?

     It is not a revolutionary tool, but it is still very useful for users who use WhatsApp . A small note: the new function is not compatible with the WhatsApp Lock Screen , the protection tool that forces the user to insert a fingerprint or use the FaceID to access the app. You have to choose between one or the other.

    How the new WhatsApp shortcuts work

    Contact shortcuts are finally available on WhatsApp . We have talked about it repeatedly in the last period and we said that they would arrive with iOS 13.6. And so it was. Apple made the update of the operating system available on July 15 and at the same time this new WhatsApp tool was also activated.

    What are we talking about? It is an addition to a function already present on Apple smartphones: when you click on the Share button, now the favorite chats of WhatsApp appear, or at least the most used ones, among the shortcuts. In this way, sharing multimedia contents such as images, photos and GIFs with your friends will be even easier.

    This tool, however, comes into conflict with the WhatsApp Lock Screen . It is not possible to use both. If you prefer to have shortcuts available, you need to enter WhatsApp, press Settings, Privacy and disable “Lock screen”. At this point send a message on WhatsApp and then check if among the shortcuts of the share button there are also your favorite chats.

    What are the new features of iOS 13.6

    In addition to general improvements in the stability of the operating system and fixed bugs, iOS 13.6 brings with it very interesting little news. The digital key has been released that allows you to enter a car and turn it on using the iPhone directly ( function initially expected with iOS 14 ). The Health app has been improved by integrating new symptoms that could be a prelude to some new disease.

    How to get the new iOS 13.6 tool

    Compared to all the other new functions of WhatsApp, in this case you don’t have to update the messaging application, but directly the iPhone operating system . If you still have not received the notification with the update to download, enter Settings, then General and press on the item “Software update”. Inside there should be the iOS 13.6 update to download .

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