Kamar Gul, 16, who killed two terrorists, said – I am not afraid of them, then I am ready to fight

    published on: 23/07/2020 10:06 PM

    • Afghan Taliban Update | Afghanistan Teenage Girl Who Killed Two Taliban Gunmen, Says She Ready To Fight Them Again

    This photo is of Qamar Gul, 16 years old. He killed two terrorists after killing his parents. She is sad that she could not speak to the parents for the last time.

    • Recently, Taliban militants entered the house in Ghor province of Afghanistan and killed Kamar Gul’s parents.
    • Qamar also killed two Taliban militants from his father’s AK-47, some terrorists were also injured in this attack.
    • Gul said- I am proud that I killed the killers of my parents

    The bravery of Qamar Gul, who killed two Taliban militants who killed his parents in Afghanistan’s Ghor province, is being discussed all over the world. Gul told the news agency AFP on Thursday that she is not afraid of the terrorists and is ready to fight them once again.

    Gul is currently with his relatives under the supervision of security forces. Recently, a photo of Gul-47’s AK-47 in hand was viral on social media. She was praised by the people and described her as a brave girl from Afghanistan.

    Gul told- There was a terrorist attack at midnight

    Gul recalls the day of the incident, saying, “The terrorists reached our house at midnight and started banging on the door.” Me and my 12 year old brother got up after hearing the voice. My mother ran to stop them, but by then they had broken the door. ”

    The terrorists dragged my mother and father out of the house and shot them. I got scared of it. But, a few moments later I got very angry. After this, I picked up my father’s AK-47, kept in the house, went to the door and started shooting at him. “Gul had learned to run an -47 rifle from his father.

    Two terrorists killed in Gul’s counter-firing

    Gul said that two terrorists were killed in their counter-firing. After this, one of the terrorists, who seemed to be their leader, tried to fire back, till then my younger brother took a gun from me and started firing at them. During this time another terrorist was shot, but he escaped. By then, many rural and pro-government militias had arrived at home.

    Raiders include Gul’s husband: NYT

    The New York Times reported on Wednesday that family feud was also the cause of the murder at Gul’s home. One of the attackers was Gul’s husband. The newspaper quoted Gul’s relatives and officials as saying that her husband wanted to forcibly take her with him after marriage.

    Officials told AFP that Taliban militants had come to kill Gul’s father because he was pro-government. He was also the head of the village. The terrorists keep on killing the villagers on the days of suspicion of the government. There is always a struggle between the security forces and the terrorists.

    Could not say goodbye to your parents

    Gul said, “I am proud that I killed the killers of my parents. I know that they will come again for me and my younger brother. Gul regrets that she could not say goodbye to her mother and father. After killing both the Taliban terrorists, I went to the parents, but by then they had died. I feel sad that I was not able to talk to him for the last time. ”

    People sought security on social media

    Hundreds of people are demanding the safety of Gul from the government on social media. Some have demanded to send him out of Afghanistan.

    President Ashraf Ghani’s spokesman Sedik Siddiqui praised Gul and said that Gul protected his family from enemies. A Taliban spokesman has said such an attack would take place in the area. But denied that any of the group’s terrorists were killed by a girl.

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