Kobe Bryant and his wife did not fly together so as not to leave their orphaned daughters in case of an accident NBA | Vanessa line

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Kobe Bryant He died in a helicopter crash last Sunday. Next to him, his 13-year-old daughter and other members of the crew also died.

The plane thickened and no one survived. This tragedy for the sports world was within the possibilities there Kobe Bryant when he decided to hire a helicopter to move fast, he sealed an agreement with his wife. Vanessa Lynn.

The “treaty” between the two included the following: The two should never fly in a helicopter simultaneously. reason? He feared an accident would occur and, as a result, his three daughters would be orphaned. For this reason, the day the accident occurred, it was not found, Kobe. In this way, at least, the girls stayed with one of their parents.

This information was given by People magazine. “One of the most important things after retiring from the NBA (in 2016) was spending more time with his family.” A close friend of the family told the magazine.

In addition, he said that Kobe “He was a very practical father and like any other father, he saw such a bright future for all his daughters. She was not only proud of him and Vanessa, but also of her daughters. He had a special bond with each of his daughters.“

Kobe Bryant hired a helicopter for $ 2,000 per trip. The plane was one Sikorsky S-76 Soul And he used it, for example, to come for his farewell party. Kobe Bryan: This was the pilot’s dramatic dialogue before crashing into NBA Star

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