Kohli said- Indian batting has improved a lot due to Raghu, now there is no fear in front of fast bowlers.

Indian captain Virat Kohli said- Raghu throws the ball at a speed of 150-155 kmph from his throwdown. It is due to Raghu that I have no doubt in myself while pursuing the goal. -File photo

Virat Kohli said- Throwdown specialist Raghu taught to play ball at the speed of 150-55Indian captain Kohli said- Raghu has very good understanding of bat movement and footwork

Dainik Bhaskar

May 19, 2020, 04:25 PM IST

Indian team captain Virat Kohli said that for the last few years, the batsmen of Team India are able to face the fast bowlers easily. Since 2013, batting has steadily improved. Kohli attributes this to Sporting Staff Throwdown Specialist Raghu (Raghavendra) associated with Team India.

Kohli told Bangladeshi batsman Tamim Iqbal on Instagram live chat that Raghu throws the ball at a speed of 150-155 kmph from his throwdown. Throwdown is a type of spoon-like cricket device. With this, the ball can be caught and thrown at a high speed. Used during batting practice.

Raghu has a good understanding of footwork,
Kohli said, “Raghu has a very good understanding of bat movement and footwork. They know which batsman to bowl where. In such a situation, the batsman easily gets runs against the fast bowlers in the match even after practice.

Raghu’s bowling boosted my confidence, the
Indian captain said, “It is because of Raghu that I do not doubt myself while chasing the target.” Raghu’s bowling has boosted my confidence. Due to this, fast bowlers do not feel pressure even when chasing the biggest goal. To be fair, when I was younger and would have seen India losing while chasing runs, I felt that if I had been there, I would have won. I would have easily chased 380. ”

Gradually I made many changes and didn’t even know
Virat said, “In Hobart in 2011 we needed 340 runs in 40 overs to qualify. In the break I told Suresh Raina that I would play this match by dividing it in 20-20 overs. Let’s play the first 20 overs and see what happens. Then another will play T20. I made such a change, because I wanted to play shots around the ground. Our experiment was successful. I kept changing myself as per the need, slowly the change was not even revealed. I don’t learn anything new under the circumstances of the match. ”

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