Krushna Abhishek says about shaking legs with Sunny Leone

    published on: 29/02/2020 9:40 PM

    During a recent media interaction(bollywood bubble), the celebrities spill the beans on their next endeavors. Krishna opens up to do a tune with Sunny Leone.

    Popular because of his impeccable acting skills, Krishna is a big name in the television market. It’s been speculation for a long time that the celebrity is doing an album with Sunny Leone. When we asked the celebrity to comment about the same, ” he disclosed he is ready for the release of the song.

    “No, this is when things will be final. I released a song with Sunny Leone last year, ie ‘Lovely Accident’. I later performed a song (Tu Aya Na) with the T-series which was a tribute to the Pulwama attack. Now, I have one more song to come, I can’t share the details of it. But yes, the song will come out soon, ” He concluded by saying.

    Source: Bollywood Bubble

    His film Aana, Pushpa I Hate Tears’ is being starred by Dinkar Kapoor and also stars Anusmriti Sarkar at the lead character.

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