Live, Brito Jr. attacked Sonia Abraham’s program and created a hut: “Falso”

    published on: 10/04/2020 2:04 AM

    A live discussion between Brito Jr. and Felipe Campos caught fire at Sonia Abraham's program (Photo Montage: TVFoco)
    A live discussion between Brito Jr. and Felipe Campos caught fire at Sonia Abraham’s program (Photo Montage: TVFoco)

    The veteran, who called on the grounds that he would announce his new YouTube channel, left the dogs on the Felipeh campus and was blasted by presenter Sonia Abraham, who came to the reporter’s rescue

    Sonia abraho Had a heated discussion with Brito Junior A Tarde live on É Sua, this Thursday, 9th. The veteran claimed the presenter by saying that he would make an announcement, but he had an actual fight with a journalist.

    With no tongue in cheek, Brito counted Felipe Campos, who earlier this week called him “fake” on TV. “It was a lie that I praised you in one meeting and everyone laughed at me for spreading false news about Bello. After that, you were fired ”, fired the communicator. “You don’t like me. You do not have to pull my bag. Just respect me, ”he said, visually uncomfortable.

    This was when Sonia Abraham came to the rescue of her reporter. “You said we would give you the right to reply, we didn’t even know you would go to Felipe Campos. I don’t think that’s right. I wish you were more transparent. I didn’t like it”, the presenter said.

    Nevertheless, Brito Jr. insisted on controversy and continued to speak ill about the famous, journalist and evening charm. “Poor professional. This program has no credibility ”, he exploded. However, Felipeh Campos reacted to the match. “You are fake, yes! I was not removed from the record, I quit because I wanted to. You are a liar, so no broadcaster respects you and you are not in the air ”, he replied.

    Sonia abraho s
    Presenter Sonia Abraham rebelled live on A Tarade É Sua (Photo: Reproduction / RedTV) program!

    Climão takes care of Sonia Abrão’s program

    Right after the confusion, the presenter tried to ease the tense atmosphere the studio was handling. She criticized Brito Jr.’s attitude and changed the subject. Unconvinced of the situation, Famous did not hide her co-worker with the “plan” of her former plan to attack her caste. “It was not transparent”, he concluded.

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