published on: 01/09/2020 12:15 PM

‘Temptation Island’ participant Megan Desaever (21) reveals herself completely on the cover of the latest edition of Playboy, which will be in stores from Thursday in Flanders and the Netherlands. 

The West Flemish, who took part in the ultimate relationship test with her then-boyfriend Kevin in 2018, immediately shakes off all uncertainties with the spicy photos. “I used to think myself too fat and I would never have dared to do this.”

Megan from 'Temptation Island' goes naked for Playboy

Megan Desaever can be admired in the nude magazine Playboy. She announced this on Instagram herself.

Megan from Temptation Island is on the cover of Playboy. She is the playmate of the month. The photos were taken by Steven Wolles.

“Because we have a good relationship and I have confidence in his work, I didn’t need much conviction to pose topless”, Megan explains to “We went to the nude beach of Bredene for the shoot.”

“I now plan to have my bosom shrunk again. Now that I’ve lost several kilos, I think my breasts are too big for my body again,” says Megan.

New friend

In an interview with HLN she speaks proudly about her cover. “I really wouldn’t have dared to do this two years ago,” she explains. “After Temptation Island I lived a very unhealthy life for a while. I was constantly going out and eating fast food all the time. I was insecure, chubby and not feeling well. Thanks to my relationship with Maxence, I turned the switch. Because he was busy with fitness a lot, I also started eating healthier and exercising. He really encouraged me in that. ” Meanwhile, Megan and Maxence have taken a break in their relationship.

Still, he supports her in the nude shoot. Maxence was also the only one who knew about the shoot for Playboy. And he likes the photos very much. That also applies to my mother and sister. They have always been proud of me and fully support me in everything I do. I also received a lot of positive comments via Instagram. ”

Breast augmentation

Megan also wants to correct something. “It is not correct that I had everything about my appearance changed. I only had my breasts enlarged and my teeth renewed. My face is otherwise completely natural. I also plan to have my bosom shrunk again. Now that I’ve lost several kilos, I think my breasts are too big for my body again. ” 

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