Mike Pompeo said – China has become ‘Bhasmasur’

Mike Pompeo said - China has become 'Bhasmasur'

US-China Conflict: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that the former president’s fear that he had made a mistake by opening the world to China is coming true today.


  • America again targets China, Mike Pompeo tells Communist Party ‘Bhasmasura’
  • Said, former President Nixon used to think, he has created a monster by opening the world to China.
  • Those who fed China’s economy, the hands that fed it, China has bitten them.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday that Washington and its allies should pressurize the Communist Party of China to change its ways in more assertive and constructive ways. He also called it the mission of this time. In the meantime, he also said that other countries created China’s decaying economy and Beijing cut off the international hands that were feeding it.

‘Mistaken by opening the world to the CCP’
Speaking at Yorka Linda, the birthplace of former President Richard Nixon, Pompeo said, ‘President Nixon once said that he felt that by opening up the world to the Communist Party of China, he made a Fankenstein (demon) Have made it and today it is happening. Nixon laid the foundation for diplomatic relations between China and the US in 1979. He himself went to Beijing in 1972.

Only the hands that fed them were cut
Pompeo said during this time, “China’s military is becoming stronger and is causing trouble. The attitude of verification should be adopted by mistrusting China against what President Ronald Reagan said in 1980 for the Soviets to have a ‘believe but do verify’ policy. He said, “The truth is that our policies and other independent countries have created China’s declining economy, to see that Beijing bites the international hands that are feeding it.”

Houston Embassy Closed
During this time Pompeo also said that the Chinese Consulate in Houston had become a stronghold of espionage. The US ordered the closure of this consulate in China. “This week, we have decided to close the Chinese Consulate in Houston as it became a base for espionage and intellectual property,” Pompeo said. He said, “China stole our intellectual property and trade secret, causing millions of American citizens to lose their jobs.”

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